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Billionaire’s Doctor. Final Episode.

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written by ✍???? Eunice Nwodu

???? Kira’s pov????
The bright sun reflected on my face and I quickly shaded it with my hand.

Gosh! Can’t believe it’s morning already.

I opened my eyes and looked around the empty bed. There was no sign of Adam.

I hissed making efforts to climb off the bed without hurting my joints.

My tummy was so big and all I could think of at the moment was having breakfast.

I tried to control the intense hunger urge I feel most times but the cravings are too much to handle.

I passed my sore feet into my flip flops and gasped noticing the slippers hugged them more tighter around the sides.
My feet are expanding!!

I cringed and set myself to stand firm.
Where the heck is Adam???

I sauntered out of the room walking so slow like that of a snail.
The kitchen was occupied and I stared in disbelief as two ladies worked on by the gas cooker.


Where the h’ll are they coming from? Could it be Adam hired them??

“Good morning ma’am” They both greeted simultaneously.

I stood at akimbo brimful of smiles.
“Yeah…good morning girls”.

They turned back to whatever they were doing and the strong aroma of steamed chicken filled my nostrils.

A table at the far end of the kitchen was filled with presents to the brim from Brandon’s birthday party which held last night.

The gift he received were damn so much that we ran out of space for them so the rest are locked up at the store room.
He can look them up whenever he wants.

Time to get down to the main reason am here so early.

I took a plate and handed it to the maids before letting them know the delicacies I wanted.
I walked back into the bedroom after filling myself up with the first half of breakfast.

I would definitely go on a second ride after a warm bath.

Adam wasn’t in the room yet and he also wasn’t answering his calls.

This is getting annoying.

I pulled off the sleeping clothes and was left in just my underwear before starting to the bathroom.

I went in and my eyeballs almost bulged out of it’s sockets on seeing Adam.

What on Earth is he doing here?! Has he been here all this while??

“Adam!” I called unconsciously and sashayed to where he was – next to the sink.

“Morning” He cooed and took my hand into his rubbing it slightly.
“I woke up an hour ago and couldn’t find you on the bed. Have you been in here?” I asked curiously.

He shook his head negatively and withdrew his hand from mine.

“I was downstairs at the study room – working. I’m just stepping in tho. But
I saw you eating at the kitchen. Don’t you think it’s too early for that?”.

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“Don’t blame me Adam. It’s the baby…I think it didn’t have enough dinner last night” I replied with a crumpled look.

A smile crept on his lips and he leaned close biting my earlobe.

“I’m starving Kira” He whispered, his voice so calm and cold.

I shuddered a bit and suddenly twitched. I made a grimace as I gazed at him.

“You promised not to touch me till I give birth so what are you planning to do right now?” I asked cluelessly and he smiled again.

“I just want to rub it…nothing else” He bickered and I chuckled.

“Be patient till I’m put to birth babe” I chipped and tried to leave.
He got a hold of my wrist and brought me back to face him.

“Don’t do this….
He further enthused.

I’m so much pushed to laugh but I surpressed it so he doesn’t get the idea that I was starting to become vulnerable.

“If you’re so hard and turned on, then you can take a trip to a club and have a stripper of your choice. I’m giving you the permission…so go ahead” I groused with a scoff.

He batted his lashes and glared at me.

“You can’t be f”*king serious Kira” He blurted going ballistic.
Well I suppose he’s starting to get impatient and furious.

“I’m dead serious” I deadpanned and attempted to leave – again.

He grabbed me sharply and lifted me off the ground despite my yelps. He dropped me on the sink and I panted, surprised and shocked to the bone.

Could he be this desperate??


He ignored me and took his hand to my pa*t. He pulled it tearing it instantly. I gasped and held onto him.

“I mean it Adam. Please go to someone else. I’m begging you!” I bemoaned in discomfort.

“This is for your own good, not mine” He mumbled releasing his beast from his trouser.

I shrieked as I felt it hitting the tip of my v**ina.
I growled and held onto him.

“Adam…I’m scared” I professed and he.paused staring into my wavering face.

I’m damn scared.
What if his thrusts hurts the child? I don’t want to loose it.

“You don’t need to be scared Kira..The truth is
You’re with twins babe and you’ll go into labor anytime soon. I need to loosen you up so you won’t get hurt while pushing out the babies.

“So stay still and let me do this” He chided and spread my legs apart.

I cringed and stared with gritted teeth.
I’m with twins?!!!!!

He tried going in again with a much force and I remained stiff.
He raised my left leg and wrapped it around his waist.

Oh God!
He didn’t spare me a glance as he began ramming me almost to the point of death.

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Each thrust came with a powerful push and all I could do was scream in ecstasy.

His pace was such that I’ve never seen before and I feared that might break me in two????

He kept going violently into me and I became got covered in more sweat.

Suddenly, he stopped and reached for the two legs making them rest on his shoulders.
I shivered uncontrollably as he continued in a much deeper pace.
The noises of spoons hitting on plates filled my ears as the dinner went on.

I held a feeding bottle in my little girl’s mouth – Chloe and she suck eagerly from it.

She just had to take my great looks, hair and lips But I was indeed glad her twin brother – Carl was cute and looked like Brandon whom also had the looks of his father.

Brandon is super attached to the twins that I can’t stop feeling excited and fulfilled for giving him little siblings.

I’m glad I was able to make him happy after going through so much health problems and the pain of not experiencing the love of a father.

This is the home he deserves.
With a dad, mom and a look alike brother and sister.

“…So you were pretending to having an attack that day??” Adam’s cold voice jolted me from the thoughts.

“Yes! I couldn’t let you throw mom out of the house so late in the night” Brandon replied and I chuckled remembering the incident.

I was so scared to wander out of the mansion so late that night.
I remember it all like it happened yesterday.

“Well…I was so mad to find her in my bedroom – next to my bed but I do regret doing that now” He revealed and I smiled broadly.

“Since you guys are going through the memory lane, I’ll remind us of how angry and grumpy Adam was when I met him at the hospital. He was all like; ‘No! Don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on my son!’????”
I said and we all bursted out laughing.

Well, Adam wasn’t finding it amusing.
Suddenly, we heard a loud voice of Carl crying. My mom walked into the dinning room with Carl in her arms.

Geez! I just put him to bed a while ago…

“Hope you saved some milk for Carl” she beamed and I sighed.

“Yeah mom…” I mumbled and handed Chloe to one of the maids and she carried her painstakingly.

I took Carl from Mom and set him down on my thighs.He didn’t hesitate to force my n**ple into his small mouth.
I sauntered into the room feeling tired and stressed out from taking care of the babies.

Adam was on the bed reading a book but as soon as he saw me, he dropped it and rushed out of the bed.

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“Are you done with the kids?” He asked eagerly while I nodded feebly.

He took my arm and led us out of the room.
We got into his car and he drove out of the mansion.

“Where are we going to Adam? I didn’t even take a bath or change my dress” I groused fixing the seatbelt.

“Oh relax Kira…your husband is a billionaire so even if you stink, people will still bow at your feet” He mumbled and I cracked.

The ride was a super long one and believe me, I was starting to get impatient.
The car suddenly stopped and he opened the door and stepped out.
Okay…where are we?

He marched to my side and flung the door open for me. He helped me out before shutting the door.

The place seemed like a local city… perhaps, a village.

I whispered completely muzzled.

He chuckled and took my arm pulling me along with him.

“I know tomorrow’s your birthday but I’d love to give you an early surprise, huh?” He whispered and used his hands to close my eyes.
Oh my God!

He actually remembered the fact that tomorrow’s my day!!????

We walked a short distance and he stopped me.

“Can I open my eyes now?” I asked giggling.

There was no answer and I began shaking my head.

“Adam, are you there??” I asked with my eyes still closed.

“… yeah” I finally heard and I flickered them open.

It was a huge gate, so wide and tall then…pink painted fences.
It looked like a…

On the gate, something was boldly carved and sculptured on it…

Hold on…

You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

“My own hospital??” I quivered inaudibly.

Adam walked to me and wrapped his hands around my waist from behind.

“Yeah…and since it’s in a poor society. I wanted treatments to be free of charge for all the patients.

“But…what do you think?” He asked and I screamed.

I must be dreaming!!!!
Oh Lord…????????????????

He smiled took my hand and we went to the gate. The gate opened instantly and the three men who must be the security guards let us in.

Everything was set and we’ll furnished.

When did he do all this??
The building before me almost sent me to my knees.

It is such a wide structure. Other buildings looked alike but the main one which was at the middle stood out more.

I still couldn’t believe a hospital was built in my name…

Doctor Kira’s own hospital.

I flushed right were I stood.

“Happy birthday Kira” He cooed staring at the building.
I scoffed and jumped on him hugging him so tightly.
“Thank you so much love!”