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Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 30 and 31

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

           Episode 30

          ???? Kira’s pov ????
I walked into my bedroom to see a red glittering bag on the bed.

I moved closer to it and got hold of the bag. I looked into it and got hold of the dress in it.

I brought it out and stared at it feeling surprised and awefilled.

It’s a neat evening dress that swept the floor and I admired the diamond stpnez stuck to it making a lovely pattern.

Oh my!

There was alsoba black box in the bag. I opened it slowly to get welcomed by a bright blinding light from the gold necklace placed beside some earrings.

I was astonished to see such expensive pieces of jewel right before me.

I twirled and fell back on the bed.
I can’t wait for tonight…
That’s for sure!


Mr Adam and I stepped into the car before he drove off to wherever was the venue of our date.

He turned on a spirit lifting song by the American artist, John Legend.
It was one of his best songs – All of me. The lyrics were so wonderfully appealing and I began to blush over some words he said in the song.

Mr Adam was dressed in a nice black tuxedo that appeared to be the best ever since I’d seen all sort of men wear it.

He was covered in diamonds – his rings, cufflinks and a bright single earring at his right ear.

We arrived at a spacious exquisite area and there was a huge fabricated building at the extreme and the lights were dazzling.
The car stopped in front of it and two men dressed in red suits took over from Mr Adam.

I stood stiff for a moment admiring the whole vicinity and it’s exclusive beauty.


Mr Adam waited patiently for me before he opened the door and I walked in first.
He took my hand afterwards as we ambled to a table that seemed to be the best among the rest.

He drew out a seat for me and I sat down while he went for his.
There was just a couple or two around and I felt relieved there won’t be much stares.

There was also two covered plates before us and a bottle of wine accompanied with two glasses.

“I hope you’re comfortable” Mr Adam spoke for the first time and I felt my palms sweaty already.

I nodded feebly and he smiled before signalling someone to come over with his hands.

A waiter marched to us and took the liberty uncapping the champagne.
He poured in a little quantity and set the bottle back before leaving.

“So Kira…I would like it if you shared a little detail about yourself” He said and I batted my lashes dropping the purse on the table.

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“What do you…want to know?” I muttered and he maintained his smiling face.

“Everything” He replied and I took a deep breath.

“Am Kira. Am a twin…”

“You’re a twin???” He asked looking astonished.
I nodded with a shrug and he gestured me to continue.

“I have just one sibling – my brother. I grew up with my parents back at our home town and I came over here to study and get a job at the hospital..

“I love helping people and also…swimming. I also love children” I paused sorting for what else to say.

“Nice to know you Kira” He simply remarked and took the glass of wine to his lips.
He drank from it while I looked down shyly.

“It’s your turn Mr Adam, please tell me about yourself” I muttered and he lifted his eyeballs at me.

“There’s nothing…’unique’ to know about me. The Mr Adam you see now is who I am” He said and I scoffed rolling my eyes as well.

“That’s not fair…” I muttered under my breath and he cracked.

“You’re going to be a pain in the ass when your tummy increases” He stated lowly but I heard it all.


I looked away squeezing my face.

“I like being mean and strict – it makes me happy” He professed and I smiled.

That’s deep.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” He asked and I shook my head negatively.

“I don’t think am hungry” I replied and he nodded.

I took my eyes out to the darkness outside. I need to pen this down…my first date ever!! ????

“Do you think Brandon is going to survive that sh’t he’s going through?” He asked and I nodded sharply.

“100%. I know he’ll make it….am sure!” I growled and he smiled again.

“Will you be there to make sure he…makes it?” He asked staring down at the table.

I remained quiet lost in thoughts all over again.
He’ll make it!
Am sure… But…I will be too busy with my baby.

“I…I don’t know” I replied utterly confused.

“Well…I want you to be here Kira. I don’t want you to go anywhere with my baby. I can’t imagine waking up tomorrow with the thought that you’re gone. I find it hard to say this Kira but am sure am not mistaken.

“My beautiful witch, will you marry me?” He asked and my heart left my chest.


Where’s the nearest exit??
I need to scream so damn loud.

He wasn’t bringing out a ring? Where is it???

I looked properly down at the plate and saw the huge diamond ring lying on it.
You got to be kidding me!!
This has been there the whole time.???

Oh God!

He stood up and came to me taking the ring from the place it was.

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“I don’t have to go on my knees, do i? ” he asked and I shook my head as tears gathered in my eyes.

I stretched my hand out to him almost in tears and he slid the ring into my finger.

Am engaged!

“Oh God…Adam…I… I love you so much” I professed standing to my feet.
He pulled me into a hug and I was unsure if I should cry or smile.

I inhaled his scent as he held me close.

“I love you more” he whispered and I fejt butterflies in my tummy.

He’s quite a shocker.

????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

           Episode 31

          ???? Kira’s pov ????
Mr Adam and I walked out of the place after our date.

The discussions that followed after the proposal was intriguing and I had the best time yet.

I just couldn’t stop admiring my engagement ring as we drove back home.

“It was hard to pick your size. I had to do it when you were asleep” He revealed like he read my mind.

It fitted so perfectly and the big jewel on top was just…wow!

“Um…Adam…are you taking us to my apartment so I can gety belongings??” I asked noticing we weren’t driving through the path that led to the mansion.

“No” He replied perfunctorily and many questions flooded my mind.

Where’s he taking us? Is it another surprise? Could he be…taking us to his parents??


He looks like someone who doesn’t have those.

It didn’t take long and we arrived somewhere lit and at the same time…scarce.

The airport???

What are we doing at the airport?

He stopped at a particular spot and came down from the car. I remained stiff unable to understand what was going on.

He walked to my side and opened the door.
He took my hand and helped me down.

I wanted to ask these questions but he didn’t seem ready to say anything.
We walked handing hand to wherever he was taking me.

I saw lots of airplanes parked at a spot and it seemed to be in repair or whatever reason so many people clustered around them.

It was at that moment I saw two guards from Mr Adam’s mansion.
They were in suit and stood next to a jet.

Wait a minute…could it be Mr Adam’s private jet?? ????

We got close and the men helped us into the flying saucer. The pilot was already on his seat.
The jet left the ground and my heart leapt.

What on earth!

I held onto my soon-to-be husband and he let out a soft laugh.

“Try to get used to it babe…we’re going to Paris right now and don’t worry, it won’t take long” he informed and winked at me while I gulped.

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“Do you feel cold?” He asked already placing a coat around my neck.
I smiled as he stole a kiss from my lips.

The jet was fast and I didn’t let go off him on bit.


It finally landed on what seemed like a bridge and we alit carefully to the ground again.

Thank goodness I made it out alive????

I looked around.

Okay…where were we???

It was a bridge that had so many lamps and shone brightly.
I turned to my right to see thousands…no…millions of padlocks licked at the bridge.

I’ve seen this place alot – in movies.

“See this” Adam said and I took my eyes to him.
He was holding a padlock…with both our names on it.

*Kira and Adam*


He took my hand we ambled to that side of the bridge. He locked in the padlock and threw the key into the bridge.


“We came all the way here for this Kira…we’re going to be together forever” he said and my eyes dimmed.

He drew close and took my lips into his. I wrapped my hands around his neck as he deepened the kiss.

I love him so much!


We were finally home but it had gotten so late cause it was already midnight.

Mr Adam and I went into the house and the minute we entered his room, he pinned me to the wall and began to devour my lips.

He was so rough and he seemed tensed up.

He got rid of his jacket and tore off his shirt not breaking the kiss.

He sent his hands to my back, unhooked my bra and got rid of my dress too.

He carried me into his arms and took me to his bed.
He dropped me gently before getting on top of me.

He took his time sucking around my neck  giving me hickeys.
Next, he took one of my ni*p*e into his mouth and fondled the other.

The feelings were damn new and I could only moan and whimper.

His touch were so powerful and sets me ablaze with desires.
He got hold of my p*nt*e and slid it off my legs.

He rubbed his two fingers on my c*it before pushing them in. After a while, he finally pulled in and I screamed in pleasure and deep ecstasy.

He wasn’t so fast…just right and I was beginning to enjoy.

He raised my legs higher and wrapped them around his waist giving him access to thrust deeper.

I was completely blown away by the pleasures that exploded inside of me.

Oh God!