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Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 36 and 37

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

           Episode 36
???? Kira’s pov ????
“No!…stop!!” I rasped as the guards removed the ropes that they’d used in tying me up.

I fought so hard with them.

“Am not leaving my son!!!” I cried as they succeeded in pulling me up.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Brandon. He kept his gaze away from me and I could tell he was shattered.

                ????Jade’s pov????
I slammed my hands on the desk anger surging through me.

That man…


Why does he always ruin my plans??

He saved Kira…but…how’s that possible?
Can’t he think of his son??
Does this mean his hate for Brandon is much more deeper than I thought?

What am I going to do with a four years old now??
I wanted Kira, I had plans for her.

I need to think of something. How do I use Brandon to get Kira???????

                    ????Kira’s pov????
“No! Let me go!!!” I yelled as Adam dragged me into the house.

I couldn’t stop crying for Brandon. He’s innocent and doesn’t deserve to be kept hostage by that crazy woman.

I wonder who she  is though..

He began dragging me up the stairs.
He’s not serious.

I yanked my hand from his and landed a hot slap on his cheek.
At first, my head was rotating and burning with anger. I had no intentions of hitting him.

What is wrong with me?

He touched his cheek with his hand brought it down. He took his eyes up at me an I felt a wave of lightening flow through my spine.

The look in his eyes could kill. They were fire itself and it pierced into mine.
Am so dead.

I took a step back and lost my balance. I fell backwards and closed my eyes in fright waiting to feel the brooding pain that followed but then…nothing.
I opened my eyes and realized he caught me.

He made me get back on my feet still holding onto me.

“I’m sorry I hit you love…I was just mad…forgive me babe” I quivered and he placed his thumb on my lips shutting me up.
Hot tears poured down on my cheeks.

“That’s enough now Kira…Stop feeling bad, you hear me?” He whispered and placed a soft kiss on my lip.

I unlocked the kiss immediately.

“What about Brandon???” I asked quizically.

He smiled.
“Relax…He’s coming back tonight, trust me” He cooed and kissed my hair.

“Let’s get you something to eat” He said and took us to the kitchen.

“I’m going back there to get Brandon. And don’t ever call the police” he ordered and I nodded. He rushed out.

Oh lord. Please bring them home safely and in one piece.

                  ????Brandon’s pov????
I didn’t know what to think anymore…What are these people going to do with me?

I sniffed.

Dad didn’t even look at me.

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I heard footsteps and looked up.
It was that lady…I think her name is Jade.

She was holding a small tray. She came to where I was and dropped it on the table before me.
She took her time loosening the ropes from my hands and legs.

“I brought you something to eat, huh?” She muttered and uncovered the plate.


It was noodles – steaming hot! And a cup of juice beside it.

“Go ahead and eat baby” She said pointing to the fork.

I remained still, just staring at her.
She glanced at me and threw her head back laughing.
“It’s not poisoned dear. Trust me when I say I love children” She cooed and took the fork.

“Should I eat before you eat?” She asked, brimful of smiles.

“What are you going to do with me?” I asked wryly.

“Nothing…what else do I do, huh?
Your so called father chose Kira over you and deliberately left you at our mercy… I know he must be partying right now that he has gotten rid of you” She paused and handed me the fork.

I sniffed as my eyes watered.
He hates me.
He never loved me and auntie Kira made him worse…

I scooped from the noodles and forced it into my mouth.

“Brandon…you’re of no use to them. They’ll never treat you well my dear and the best thing you can do is…”
She stood up and came closer to me.

“End your life”.


“If you die and return back to God…He’ll teach Adam a lesson and give you better parents or maybe, you’ll stay with your mom up there and you’ll be happy again” she enthused and I dropped back the fork in irritation.

“Why should I listen to you? You are trying to kill me” I muttered and she sighed.

“Ignorant boy. I saw your mom in my dream and she asked me to do this. She knows Adam won’t choose you” She revealed and my eyes dimmed.

Mommy came to her??

“It’s simple Brandon. Tomorrow morning I’ll take you to the building your mom showed me in that dream. You’ll stand on top of the building and jump down. That’s the best way to meet your mom” She said and I noticed tears on my cheeks.

What’s..what’s she asking me to do?
Leave auntie Kira and all my Classmates?

But then????
Memories of dad’s hurtful words began playing In my head…
Those times he would curse me like I meant nothing at all…

Am doing it.
I’m going to meet my mom!

????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

           Episode 37
???? Adam’s pov ????
I walked a long distance among the bushy areas that led to the warehouse Jade and his men occupied.

I sneaked into the compound and headed for the building. It was star ting to get dark already.

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I really couldn’t stop worrying about Brandon.

I have to save my son.

I saw three men with guns and paused. There was a stare that ensued and instantly, the two men dropped weak on the floor. The one in the middle who had poisoned snickered and came to me.

“What took you so long sir? The lady and the boy left a while ago” He whispered and I flinched.

“Left? Where the hell did they go to???” I asked looking around.
“Am not sure. I could have done something to stop them but I can’t fight more than five men at a go” He chided and looked at the unconscious men.

“We need to hide them so the others doesn’t know you’re here” He stifled and I nodded perfunctorily.
We joined hands and shifted the bodies to a dark corner.

“I’ll try to find out where your son had gone to. You should find somewhere to stay in the mean time” He said and began walking away.

I clenched my fist with gritted teeth.

Jade – that b”tch.
She has bitten more than she can chew and once I lay my hands on her…she’s a goner.

Following the man’s instructions, I looked for someone to hide so the rest of the guards won’t find me.

I’ll definitely bring him home Kira, I promise…

                ????Jade’s pov????
I led Brandon into my bedroom and him sit on the bed.
I turned to the maid who followed us in.

“Bring him some fresh clothes to wear. His uniform must be retarded now” I states and she nodded before stepping out of the room.

I snickered and turned to my little guest.
He was looking around the room in admiration.

Well, am an artist. A very good one at that. I draw so well that Adam fell in love with my work.
He bought an artistic company in my name and it’s barely the reason I have enough money.

We were such good friends.

I was with him before Brandon’s mom died. I cooked for him and he loved it. We had s”x once and I must admit – it was the best ever!

We were such perfect friends and would be the cutest couples.
God! He made me obsessed with him and I thought I was doing a good job making him fall for me.

I scoffed and stooped to a crouch before Brandon.

“You can do this B. Your mom is the only one that can give you true happiness…away from your grumpy father. I was shocked he chose Kira. I really wanted him to take you…”

“You said you would kill the one he rejects…So if dad chose me, you would have killed auntie Kira?” He asked and I stared blankly at him.

Goodness gracious!

How can a four years old be so smart and inquisitive?

“It was all part of the plan Brandon. I wasn’t going to hurt her. Do I look like a murderer to you?” I asked sardonically.

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He eyes glued to the floor unablebto look me in the eyes.

“I can recall the moment you hit auntie Kira on her tummy. What if you hurt my baby sister?” He asked and my heart leapt.

This kid and his observations????

I’m being patient with him because the press would be here.
Yes…I want the whole world to see the billionaire’s son commit suicide.

I’ve invited as many paparazzi as possible.
Six AM sharp, we’re going live with Brandon standing on top of the building ready to end his own life…


            ????Adam’s pov????
My eyes flickered open the moment I felt hot sun rays reflect on my eyelids.

I jerked up.

Fu:k! I slept off waiting for that guy to return with information.

What has happened to him?!

I dusted my trousers and rubbed my eyes. I batted my lashes scouring the place with them.


I felt my phone beep and I reached for it from my pocket..
I headed straight to notifications that filled the screen.

*Son Of The Billionaire, Adam Tries To Commit Suicide*

What on earth!!!

I went straight to the photos…it’s happening live…

                ????Jade’s pov????
Everything is going according to planned.
A smirk appeared on my lips as I gaze at Brandon who stood at the edge of the roof with his hands shaking.

I wonder what he’s waiting for though

I can’t go over there and make him jump cause am hiding from the press.
If am caught on camera, then am doomed.
He has been standing there for almost an hour!????????
I sighed and walked to the door.

“Brandon…jump!!!” I whispered going ballistic.

*Brandon…don’t do it* I heard that deep s-xy voice I’ll never forget say and I looked up to see Adam!

He stood at the other side of the building and of course with Kira????

“Dad?” Brandon wavered and I  shrieked. .

Suddenly, I felt a hard pull and crashed to the ground. My back began aching instantly and I groaned in pain.

I opened my eyes for them to come in contact with Adam’s guards.

A hot slap landed on my cheek and I strained in anguish.

            ????Kira’s pov????
I stood behind Adam shaking on my toes. I can’t believe Brandon just attempted to kill himself.
Hell! He’s still there!…

Brandon’s eyes dilated and soon, welled up. His tears dropped.

He didn’t say anything as he glanced at us like we were aliens or something.

“Please go…” He mumbled and more tears scrolled down his cheeks.

I melted at that moment and my tears poured.

Adam cleared his throat and began;

“Brandon…I have something to tell you. It might answer most of the questions I your mind right now.
I’ll tell you the whole truth. Why I began to loathe women. Why am cold and mean towards you…Right now, I’ll tell you everything”.

I gulped.