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Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 38 and 39

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

Episode 38

???? Kira’s pov ????
My eyes dimmed as Brandon looked at us. The look on his face was different and…cold.

I’ve never seen him look this mean. Fear gripped me as he took a step a bit far from the edge of the building.

We’re making progress.

“I’m a very friendly person…believe me when I say I was a very magnanimous fellow. I had friends irrespective of their background and lifestyle.

“I met your mom later on and she was one of a kind. It didn’t take long and we fell in love – I loved her. But then I had no idea she was after my wealth.

“She duped me and I almost lost everything because of her. I was so depressed and frustrated.

“And then the moment I had her captured and ready to destroy her, she professed that she was pregnant with my child.
She died after giving birth to you and I became the most saddest man alive.

“I was willing to forgive her and marry her ignoring the fact that she ruined me countless times; both emotionally and financially but she made me feel worse again by leaving me.

“I f–king hated women from that day onwards and…I despised my son too.
I’m sorry Brandon. I know I act mean towards you but the truth is…the day I loose you, I’ll die that same day”.

I sniffed and quickly got rid of the tears that scrolled down my cheeks.

Oh Adam…

Brandon moved away from the edge completely and a smile crept on my face.

He turned and walked to us feebly. He looked weak like he would pass out any minute from now.

“I forgive you dad…” He stifled and slumped on the ground.

Adam quickly carried him into his arms and we scurried out of the building.

????Jade’s pov????
My eyes fluttered open and I winced in pain.

My head kept banging and I felt pains around my joints.

Where am I??

I jerked up and found myself on the floor. I gulped wrapping my hands around my body. I was starting to feel cold…and insecure.

Adam is so going to deal with me!

I stood up warily and beat the dust off my skirt. The whole room was dark and looked filthy.

I charged for the door and as I walked, I could feel my bones jamming like they were dislocated or something.

Suddenly, the door opened and the lights came on. Huh?
Three men walked in and it seemed like there was someone else on the way.The men gave way and he strolled in taking slow steps.

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Am f’*king dead…

????Kira’s pov????
I patted Brandon’s soft hair he laid on the bed with his eyes closed.

Oh heavens!
I can’t believe I almost lost him few hours ago.
His eyelids moved and he turned on the bed backing me.

I got up from the bed and pootled to the door. I stepped out of the room to bump into Adam.

I gasped and he smirked.
” Hm. Someone’s missing me so much. I’ve been gone for just an hour” He teased and I flushed.

“Brandon kept asking me where you were but I really couldn’t give him an answer. Where were you Adam?” I stated and he scoffed.

“I had some work to attend to…But am done now” He replied causally and I nodded.

“Alright love…Brandon’s on our bed. Should we go to the guest room?” I asked sardonically.

He shook his head negatively.
“No. Let’s spend the night with our son” He replied and I rolled my eyes.

“No matter what you do, Brandon will always love me more” I grinned and he cracked.

“We’ll see about that” He chipped and took my hand.
“I’m taking us out tomorrow so we can finally have fun like a normal family…how does that sound?” He asked.

“That sounds great!…but I thought you postponed the meeting at the office. Won’t you continue the meeting tomorrow?” I queried and he rolled his eyes.

“You’re so inquisitive Kira. Let’s just go to sleep. Am exhausted from today’s drama” He stated.

“But you said you really loved Brandon’s mom, huh?” I teased.

“Goodnight ma’am” He groused and walked into the room leaving me behind.


I sighed and followed him in shuting the door behind me. He dropped on the bed at Brandon’s left while I stayed on his right.

I stared at Brandon closely and he smiled in his sleep.


“Goodnight babe” I muttered turning off the lights.

“Sleep tight…”

????Adam’s pov????
I decided to stay home and take care of Kira who’s heavily pregnant.
There’s a possibility that she’d be giving birth soon and I wouldn’t want her to be alone and helpless when that time comes.

I’m forced to sit at home with her and put up with her annoying mood swings. Her tears and complains are now a deja vu.

She drives me nut!

I’ve been at the living room having some alone time and reading my favorite book series.
And luckily, Kira has been sleeping upstairs – I’ve almost forgotten what being marries feels like!

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I heard footsteps from behind and I knew that it was no one else but pregnant wifey.

“Adam…” I heard her call but I remained stiff pretending to be lost in the book I was reading.

She sat beside me and her weight sank the couch.

“Guess what you heartless man?” She asked taking the book from me.
“What now??” I asked making a grimace.

She gasped and batted her lashes.
“Brandon’s birthday is around the corner!” She exclaimed and I arched my brows.


“Yes and we’ll be celebrating it in a big way, hun.. He’s turning five years old you know” She enthused.

“Okay. I’ll call an event planner right now. I’ll go buy some balloons and cakes to celebrate too” I jibed getting up from the couch and she frowned.

“Am going with you” she persisted.

Gosh! She’s something else.
I really wanted to leave this mansion for her.

I think am growing beards because of too much stress and talking.

“Alright…let’s go” I said giving up.



????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

Episode 39

???? Adam’s pov ????
I drove down the road steadily with Kira who was licking some ice cream and biting on some chips.
We were still on our way to the shopping mall and she’s already buying everything edible.

“Do you know who’s Brandon’s favorite musician or TV character?” I asked with my eyes fixed on the road.

“Yeah…He’s head over heels in love with the Korean pop artist Rex” she replied munching on the potato chips on her thighs.

“What about a cartoon character?” I further asked feeling a bit tipsy.

Kira laughed and I stared at her completely lost.

“Is the chips driving you crazy?”

She shook her head suppressing the laughter.

“C’mon babe. You should know Brandon doesn’t watch cartoons” She stated and I rolled my eyes.

“Really?” I asked besumed.

“Yeah…he prefers life movies and zombie apocalypse to those animated stuff. That’s why he always thinks he’s a ninja -, Jackie Chan series”.

“Wow. I was thinking of throwing him a mickey mouse clubhouse party or those…childish cartoon parties…”

“It’s called a costume party Adam. You old man!” She snickered and laughed again.

I rolled my eyes as I stopped the car at the parking lot.
I helped Kira get rid of her seatbelt and she got off the car. I stepped down, took her hand and we ambled to the building.

“Um…love” She called and I felt my heart beat increase at the tone of her voice.
“What’s that Kira?”

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“I was thinking of getting a maid at the house. She would do the cleaning and laundry” she said and I scoffed.

“What happened to the cook at the mansion?”

“Yeish! The man is getting old and needs to resign. I was in Brandon’s room this morning and I noticed he didn’t clean the bathtub properly. Even the toilet sit was messed up and I think it’ll give Brandon an infection” she replied and I cringed.

Then I guess you’re right. I’ll settle him later but then…let’s not hire a woman. I want a man” I groused.

“We’ll talk about that when am in a bad mood, alright?” She teased and I cracked.

We entered the mall and she took me to the kiddie playground section.
I pushed the shopping cart as we strolled past the catalogues.

She picked some colorful balloons and dropped it on the cart.

“It’ll be a surprise party too” she muttered taking some candies.

“Alright love…we’ll surprise him for sure” I smirked and she giggled.

“We’ll wear matching outfits, how does that sound?”

“I agree with you babe” I cooed trying not top poke the bear.

“Good” she beamed taking some birthday candles.

“We’ll invite some of your workers?”

“No…we rather not. I don’t favor my employees. They’re annoying” I retorted and she shrugged.

“What’s our budget for the party?” She asked putting some toys into the cart.

“I really don’t know…One billion??” I asked casually and she gasped.

“It’s kind of much, don’t you think?”

“Whatever you say…we haven’t gotten him a gift though” I jibed taken a bag of cookies.

“That’ll be tomorrow.
And lets not forget it’s a surprise birthday. He shouldn’t find out”.

I nodded walking along with her.

I heard something falling and I paused to take a look. It was a plump lady picking up her phone.

I must say her backside was so huge and curvy.
How can it be so large and round?
It suddenly disgusted me the more I stared.

Only Kira…
Her butt is the only pair am attracted too.
They aren’t very huge but I value them soo much.

I quickly took my eyes away to catch Kira staring at me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked and I noticed the tears that had gathered in her eyes.


“Kira??” I stuttered trying to touch her.

“You jerk! You were looking at another woman while am here with you…
Am I that ugly???!!”
She blasted and threw the flowers she was holding at my face.


She turned and began walking away.
I left the cart and went after her.
Oh Kira…????????????