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Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 40

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

Episode 40

???? Adam’s pov ????
I scurried after her while she kept walking fast and furiously.

“Kira…” I stressed holding her arm.
“I wasn’t enticed by them Kira, I glanced at her by mistake and I honestly regret it, huh”.

She sniffed and soon took her hand to her eyes.
They were all red and teary already.

“Whatever! You were busy staring and licking your lips. I know you’d want to go to bed with her right now!” She growled and pushed me with all her might.

I staggered backwards and she glared.

“Geez! What’s this Kira? I love you and you know it so why are you talking like this??” I rasped with a scoff and she stared blankly at me.

“Yeah…I admit it was wrong looking at her for more than a second but Kira…it wasn’t intentional.

“You’re the one that I love so much and I so much value everything about you, alright”

I sent my hands to her waist and held them and thank my stars she didn’t push me again.

Her tears scrolled down her cheeks and I melted instantly.
Aww. She’s crying because of me.

“I’m sorry Kira” I cooed and made her place her head on my chest.
Suddenly, I felt a hard smack on my cheek. What on earth!

“Don’t touch me, pervert! I rather walk home than to stand here and watch you play with my emotions!” She fired and turned away from me.

She folded her dress and sat on the pavement beside us.

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The filthy pavement?
Now am sure She’ve lost it.

“Kira…I mean it. I’m sorry, okay?” I groused kneeling beside her.

The last thing I’d want now is for one of those pesky paparazzi to get us on camera.

I needed to get her home.
But from the look of things, she’s being so hard cause she’s tired and needs to rest.

“What do I do babe?
What do I do to earn your forgiveness?” I asked despondently.

“Go away” She muttered and folded her arms.

She’s being fu-king childish????????

I sighed and stared down at her.
I’ve begged her but she’s being a bag of stone.
Oh well…I tried my best.

I bent beside her and carried her into my hands. She yelped and held onto me tightly.

“Adam!” She yelled in fright.
I rolled my eyes and took us back to the shopping mall where our cart was.

“Let’s carry on with our shopping, shall we?” I suggested with her glaring daggers at me.

I set her to stand on her feet and immediately she stood, she grabbed a bunch of flowers and attacked me with it.

I f××king ran for my life while she chased me hotly through the kiddies section.


The ride back home was quiet cause Kira was still mad at me for just taking a peak of some huge a’s.

And she doesn’t understand that it doesn’t change the way I feel about her.

We got home soon enough and she jumped out of the car leaving the door ajar.


I alit from the car and made my way to the house holding a shopping bag containing things I got for Kira.

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Since the birthday party would be a surprise for Brandon, we’ll lay low with the preparations so he doesn’t find out.

I stepped into the living room trying to meet up with Kira but was more glad when I saw her with Brandon.

“Hey dad” He greeted gingerly and I smiled approaching the duo.

“How was school?” I asked as I fixated both eyes on Kira who looked drowsy.


I knew she was tired.

“School was okay” Brandon replied gleefully and focused on whatever he was scribbing on a paper.

I ambled to where Kira sat squinting her eyes occasionally. I took her hand and made her stand before carrying her into my arms again.


We arrived at the bedroom and I kept her on the bed and she stared at me with wet eyes.

I took a deep sigh and knelt beside her on the bed.
Her gaze didn’t leave me.

“Kira, the truth is…
You have no idea how obsessed I am with your everything. Your voice alone makes me jerk under my pants and I pray you’d never stop talking.

“The world might see you to be not so thick or pretty but I don’t care cause you’re perfect to me. Just the way you are. I’ll never stop loving you and I’ll still choose you even in the next world to come.

“I love you Kira” I professed.

She smiled at tears.
“I love you more” she whispered and dropped her hand on mine.

Just staring at her made me remember what the doctor sent me this morning… This is gonna be tough????

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