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Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 34 and 35

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

           Episode 34
Before you read…understand that I haven’t gotten a new phone yet and am always borrowing from friends in order to type so forgive me for the delays????????

            ????Kira’s pov????
I didn’t say anything just yet as I waited for whoever was on the other line to speak.

“Good morning ma’am” The feminine voice started and I became more curious cause it sounded familiar.

“Am Mrs Brown – Brandon’s school teacher. I believe am speaking to Mrs Kira…his step mom” She said quizically and I sighed rubbing my forehead.

“Yes, I am” I replied displeasingly.

I admit it hurts to be regarded as a step mom.
Teachers can be annoying!

“Is anything wrong?” I further asked leaning back on the chair.
“Actually yes…Brandon is not feeling so well and I suggest you should get here as fast as you can” She said dropping a grenade at the depth of my heart.

I sprang up on my feet.

Not again!

What could be wrong with him now??

“Am on my way there!” I chided and rushed out of the living room.

Immediately I got outside, I alerted the driver and we raced into the car.
I felt nervous and my fingers shook vigorously as I dialed Adam’s number.

I sighed as I recalled that he was going to be very busy and occupied through out the day.
I was so uncomfortable and scared for Brandon as the car drove steadily on the road.

I sighed and dropped the phone beside me.
He’s not picking up!!

            ????Brandon’s pov????
I kept gazing at the electric board with the other classmates.

Our teacher stepped out of the class a while ago and has kept us waiting.

She was teaching when a man walked in and she left with him.

I sighed and dropped my head on the table.

She’s taking so long…!

The other pupils were murmuring but I ignored their noise.

I heard the sound of the door open and I lifted my head quickly.
It was…A lady.

She looked pretty with all the makeup on her face.

She looked around the class before her eyes rested on mine.

I know her!
I’ve seen her before but it’s been a long time.

Her lips stretched into a smile as she walked slowly to me.
She took my arm and I stood up.

Everyone was staring at us like we were some movie.

She began walking out of the class and I followed her.
Why is she here???

We got outside and she stopped and turned to me.
She smiled again and stooped to a crouch before me.

She smelt so much like strawberry.

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“Hey B. How are you?” She asked.

“Am fine, thank you” I replied and she chuckled.

“You’re so cute!!!” She exclaimed and squeezed my hand a little.
“Do you remember me?” She asked.

I nodded.

“Good boy….so, can you remember my name?” She asked and I shook my head negatively.

“Well, am June. Your father’s close friend” She said.

Dad has a best friend??

“He asked me to come get you. Let’s go, shall we?” She asked grinning.
I resisted but she chuckled.

“Your father’s downstairs waiting, if you don’t believe me, then come see for yourself” she said and stood up.

Dad could be here?

She pulled be to follow her and I did but slowly.

                ????Kira’s pov????
As we drove on the road, my eyes didn’t leave my phone.
I couldn’t stop calling Adam.

What’s wrong with me???

I’m the doctor here not Adam.
What can he do..

I switched off the phone and looked up. The car came to a dead stop making me jerk back and forth.

“What happened??…” I asked but got short of words when I saw a black SUV deliberately parked before us thereby keeping us from trespassing.

Oh my God!!

What is really happening…

“Let’s take another route” I rasped and the driver nodded trying tl revise the car.
I heard a loud bang and soon the driver fell forward on the steering wheel.


The door flung open to reveal some men in black.
They dragged me out while I sobbed.
Suddenly, one of the men hit the head of his gun on my head and immediately, I passed out.

        ????Jade’s pov????
I smiled broadly as I watched her fall to the ground.

From the shape of her tummy, I know she’s already pregnant.

Too bad that the little baby won’t live till the next day.
I scoffed and put on my sunglasses.

“Send Adam a message. He needs to know wifey won’t be home when he returns” I ordered the driver and he did just that.

I can’t wait to make Adam choose between his son and that stupid woman, Kira.

He have to choose and am sure he’d choose Brandon and then leave his wife at my mercy and then I can destroy her with her feeling the disheartening truth that Adam chose his son over her. The pain will be as twice as death.

????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

           Episode 35
???? Adam’s pov ????
The meeting was finally over and I ordered the workers to return to their offices and prep for the next meeting.

I need to go on a vacation with Kira later.

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We need it…that’s for sure.

I got hold of myself phone and the first thing I that caught my eyes was missed calls from Kira.

I wonder what’s wrong?…????

I was just about to call her back when I saw lots of messages popping in too.

Where’s my f-cking personal assistant??

I tapped on one of the recent text and it displayed fully.
I read through the words banally and scoffed.

Why are some people so stupid and foolish???

I sighed and called my personal assistant. It didn’t take seconds and he came walking in.

“Am here sir” He cooed standing before me with his tablet.
I sighed and got up from the seat.

“I have to leave for something important” I groused taking my phones from the desk.
“Right now..but sir” he stuttered looking confused.

I rubbed my forehead and cringed a little.

“I know this is not the right time to leave the office but I need to. No questions asked.
Dismiss all the supervisors and directors” I stated icily and walked out of the office.

            ????Kira’s pov????
My eyes flickered open and I scanned the dark environment. It seemed to be a warehouse.

I was on a seat with my hands and legs tied.
I’ve been abducted.

Who could be behind this??

Oh Adam…

He must have seen the missed calls by now. He’ll be looking for me…
Will I ever see him again?

I sniffed and stared at the floor. I admit am very scared and worried.

And that teacher who called me earlier. She’s working with whoever is doing this. She’s helping them!

I couldn’t stop thinking about Brandon.
Is he safe?
Oh mercies!

I heard distinct noises and I looked around alarmed. Someone’s definitely coming.

My eyes dropped on a lady.
She wore a silver top and really short bum shorts. She was holding Brandon.


They got to where we were and the men behind her walked to me. They loosed the ropes and I winced in discomfort rubbing my wrists.

“Mom!” Brandon yelled and ran to me and I welcomed him in open hands.
I held him to myself and I heard him dob quietly.
Thank God!

“Pathetic” I heard the woman speak for the first time.

I gazed at her as she cat walked to the empty seat at the other end of the place swaying her hips.
I do admit it – she’s good looking and from the looks of her skin, she’s rich.

But…who is she?

“Oh don’t give me that look you whore!…it’s so disappointing that Adam didn’t tell you about me ” She sneered.

I stood up holding Brandon’s hand.

I was surprised her guards didn’t make a move to hold me back.

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Who on earth is she and What does she want with us?

“Won’t you say something, whore?” She asked glaring at me with so much scorn.

“Be truthful lady, between the both of us…who’s dressed like a whore?” I asked sardonically and she twitched.

She walked to me and raised her right hand aiming for my cheek but I held her wrist stopping her completely.
Unknown to me, her other hand was doing the work of reaching for my tummy.

In a split second, she threw a punch directly at my abdomen and I shrieked.

Oh my God!

I placed both hands at that spot as tears gathered in my eyes. Brandon pushed her and she reciprocated sending him to the floor.

Please save us????
We were both tied to separate chairs again and the lady kept making strange calls pacing around the place.

*He’s here!* A deep voice said running in. It was one of the men in suit.

“Yes!…finally’ The psycho lady grinned removing her phone from her ear.
She turned to the rest of her men.

“Take your positions!” She ordered and they all brought out their guns.
Two of them stood behind Brandon and I pointing the guns to our heads.

The large door opened and he walked in – Adam!
He took some steps towards us but stopped half way.

His eyes didn’t leave me as they bored into mine.

He’s angry…I can see it.

“Welcome babe” The lady said going closer to him bur she didn’t dare stand further than that.

“What took you so long? i presumed they are important to you, huh?” She asked hysterically.

Adam kept mute.

“Anyway, you can save just one” She muttered and that was when Adam glanced at her.

“Yes…I’ll have just one person untied and can go home with you.
Am asking you to choose between them – Kira or Brandon” She enthused and I gulped.

No…she can’t be serious!????

The silence was cold and the more seconds went by, the more my heart race increased.
Why’s he quiet?

But he can’t choose me.
What about B? He can’t leave him at the mercy of this witch..

Adam sighed and looked around befor turning back to her.

“I’ll kill you jade. I’ll make sure you die by my hands. I’ll send you to hell and I promise you the pain won’t be relieving at all.

“Untie Kira. Give me Kira right now” He ordered and my eyes widened.


Not me…

I glanced at Brandon and he looked very sad and unhappy.