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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 34

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 34

By: Faith Lucky

Ivy’s pov:
I sat on the bed quietly watching my cousin – Lucy stumble over her own clothes.

“We’re going to be late Ivy!” She groused angrily at me.

I scoffed.

“Why are you yelling so much? Am already done dressing up unlike you who wants to out dress even the celebrant’s daughter” I said staring at her sardonically.

“So you’re mocking me?” She asked with the most stupid look on her face.

I rolled my eyes taking my eyes to the television in her room.

“You see, the gathering has already started” I stated and she screamed.

“What do I do ivy???” She asked panicking.

I sighed and went to her picking up a blue dress on the floor.
I searched the room with my eyes and caught a black jacket on the couch. I got a hold of it and passed it to the desperate teenager beside me.

“Put this one. Am sure they’d be better for tonight” I said and she twitched batting her lashes at me.

“You sure?” She asked and I stared down at her p*nt and b*a.

“Am f**king sure Lucy!” I grumbled and she took them from me.

I smiled and began picking up her clothes lying around on the floor.

Yes…this looks strange.
Though my aunt and uncle are the bane of my life – trying to make my life miserable, Am in good terms with their daughter.

We have no reason to pick fights and we’re the best of friends but most times, her mother does all she can to make her hate me.
Can you believe that??

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“Am done…uh…how do I look?” She asked and I gasped.

“You look stunning!” I remarked and she leaped.

“Thanks I…

“What the hell is keeping you both up there?!!!” We heard her father yell and we quickly grabbed our purses running downstairs.

I don’t know what Chloe’s expression would be when she finds out I was invited to her father’s birthday party.

My uncle gained my father’s wealth so he has connections with other billionaires.
Chloe’s pov:
“Brandon?” I muttered as he stared at me with beady eyes.

“Hey…” He paused and sent an hand to the back of his head rubbing it nervously.

What the heck!???

“Hey? How can you just step into my room without knocking?
Have you lost it?” I asked furiously and he made a shocked stare.

“Will you calm down? I didn’t want to waste another minute at the hallway cause your dad might show up” He revealed and I scoffed.

“So, you can actually get scared, huh?” I asked folding my hands.

“You couldn’t call back Brandon…Why??” I wavered getting upset.

“I was occupied Chloe. I was busy…”

I raised my hand up signalling him to stop talking.
For real, I’ve heard enough!

“Yeah…whatever. Now what do you want?” I asked taking a deep breath.

“I came to explain things to you” He paused and took a step close.
“The burdens are no longer there as it was Chloe and honestly, I never stopped thinking about you and that’s the reason I did everything I could to meet you here where it would be private”.

I rolled my eyes with a scoff.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. It took you a month and more to realize this, huh? Would a call kill you Brandon?!!” I half yelled and he took a deep sigh.

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“I was scared to face you after…the attempted rape incident” He said and muttered the last part.

“Look I…

He paused the moment a knock came on the door and our eyes drifted to it.

“Come in” I said ignoring Brandon’s reaction.

The door opened and Ciara walked in together with Anna.

They froze the moment their eyes met Brandon’s.

“Are we missing something?” Anna asked and I lowered my gaze to the floor feeling so despondent.

“I’ll be downstairs” I heard his deep voice hover around me before his footsteps followed.

The jerk is gone.

“Chloe, are you okay?” Ciara asked worriedly rushing to me.

I raised my head up and bit my lower lip.

“Yeah…Am fine” I replied licking my lips.

Oh gee!
How can I forget the most important part of my dress up?

I scurried to the dressing table and took the lip gloss. I applied it on my lips while the girls stared at me with a facial expression.

“Actually, we came to escorts you to the party ground. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see your epic appearance!” Ciara exclaimed excitedly.

Hmm. So it’s really time to make my entrance.

And just now I recalled that Brandon didn’t say anything about my dress.

He’s a true jerk.
I walked into the party ground with Anna and Ciara behind me.
Different flashes of bright light from cameras surrounded me.

Am sure the people whom are shooting the event live were recording too.

Everyone’s eyes were on me as I ambled towards them. I posed for the cameras at intervals so they’d get my good side.

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A girl rushed to me with a pen and paper to get my autograph.
This I do best.

I took it from her and drew my signature. She smiled and I stepped into the party properly.

The spotlight had gone off and there was not so much attention any longer.


It’s not easy to walk like a princess and with different wealthy people watching like they’d swallow me.

Lots of people were seated on their tables according to the invitation of course.

A waiter walked to us and we took a glass of wine each.
I really just wanted to sit down.
Seeing Brandon tonight got me moody and less exuberant like I was a while ago.

There was a table set for dad and I but I’d rather stick around with Anna and Ciara till he’s been ushered in.

“Chloe, is it me or has that guy been staring at yoi like forever now?” Ciara whispered and I stared at the direction she was looking at.

Oh my God!

It’s Kian!!!

I felt a sharp leap in my heart and I bit my lower lip.

I looked at who was right near him but not too close…it was Jace!

Kyle was also there.
Oh f**k!

Who do I go to?

I turned my back and walked back to the house feeling confused and insane.