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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 42

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???? Daddy’s
(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 42

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s pov:
“What?” I screamed in disbelief.
I was damn so shocked and dumbfounded when Jace asked me that question.

I mean, I wasn’t expecting such a question.

“How could you ask me such a ridiculous question?” I snapped angrily with an eye roll.

“Look Chloe I’m sorry. Don’t take this in a wrong way.

It was just a simple question. I don’t mean it in a wrong way okay.” He sighed and stared apologetically at me.

“Really?” I scoffed.
“Me, having a sickle cell disease? How? Why will you even think of such a thing?” I asked with my arms folded up underneath my boobs.

“Look I’m sorry okay. I just thought I could ask.
And I think it’s better you confront your dad about your sickness.

What if I’m right? You can go through the web site and you’ll find out that, your symptoms corresponds with a person who have a sickle cell disease.

You just can not tell. You have to be sure.” He said calmly.

“That can’t be true. If I was having sickle cell anemia, dad would have told me. But how can I be in the first place?

Me Chloe Seth, have a sickle cell disease? This is so unbelievable!” I snapped and shook my head negatively.
I can’t believe this.

“All I know is you have to confront your dad. What sickness do you exactly have. He can’t tell you you’re entirely fine when you know you’re not and your body is not too.” He sighed softly.

“That’s enough Jace! I’ve had enough.”

“You can leave now. I want to be alone.” I said, trying to fight back the tears that threatened to fall.

“Oh! Okay.” He said.

I turned to the other side of the bed and let the tears that welled up in my eyes to roll down freely.

I think he has a point and he’s making sense even though a little part of me sees what he said as nonsense.
“Bye.” He mouthed, more like a whisper. Then, I heard the door open and close.

I bursted into fresh tears.

What if I really do have sickle cell anemia?

Am I gonna die?

Oh God!
I buried my face in my pillow and wept bitterly.


Kian’s pov:
After paying the hospital bills and all, Kaden was discharged from the hospital.

He was fine and back on his feet again.

I insisted that he follows me to my penthouse to stay for maybe months, so we could make up for the times we were apart. He didn’t even think twice about it or hesitate before telling me yes.

I was damn happy.

He stop by at his house and took few of his belongings.
I drove us to my penthouse.


“So Kian, I wanted to tell you this but it’s been escaping my mind.

Jace was actually the one who invited me to Mr Seth’s birthday party.

He told me that he wanted to make you angry and he knows that by you seeing me, you’ll definitely be vexed.

So, I agreed. I don’t even know what made me agree because I didn’t even collect a dime from him.

I’m really sorry.” Kaden sighed sadly.

We were both in the kitchen having soft drinks and pizza.

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“Like the f**k! How dare that mother f**king bastard!” I rasped angrily and slammed the glass cup in my hand on the table.

“Calm down okay? And those words I said that day, I didn’t mean any of those. It was just a plan to make you angry.” He said and stared apologetically at me.

“Is he that desperate?” I asked and clenched my fist angrily.

“Please Kian, don’t take this too personal. I just wanted to let you know.”

“Are you sure you aren’t lying to me?” I asked.
“Of course not.” He quickly replied.

“But please Kian, don’t take this to heart. Don’t even tell Jace about it. Just pretend as if you know nothing about it.

I don’t want you to fight.” Kaden said.

“Okay, fine!” I grunted begrudgingly. He smiled lightly and patted my shoulder.
“Thanks man.”

The rest of the day with Kaden was fun.

We talked, played video games, played chess in which Kaden won in all the rounds.

We joked, teased ourselves and laughed our a*s out.

It was so much fun!


Kian’s pov:
“So Chloe, because of what happened the other day on my birthday party, I decided to get you a new but personal bodyguard who will make sure of your safety all the time.

I can’t risk anything bad happening to you again.” Mr Seth explained to the confused Chloe.

Chloe, Mr Seth and I were both in Mr Seth’s home office. I was standing beside Mr Seth who was sitting on his office chair while Chloe sat opposite him.
She had a confused countenance on when I had walked in with Mr Seth.

But thank goodness, her father already explained.

“Wait dad, you mean this guy here is my bodyguard?” Chloe asked bewildered.

“Yes princess. Don’t you like him? Is there a problem? You can always tell me.” Mr Seth rushed his words worriedly.

“No, no, no dad. There’s nothing wrong. I’m just surprised, that’s all.” Chloe rushed her words, shaking her head negatively.

“Oh really? That’s good!” Mr Seth nodded happily.

“So Chloe, meet your new bodyguard Kian and Kian, meet my adorable princess, Chloe whom you’re gonna start protecting from today.” He introduced.

“Okay dad. Thank you.” Chloe smiled and leaned towards her father and pecked him on his cheeks.

“You welcome princess. Your safety is my utmost priority.” He smiled.

“So, I’ll leave you both to yourselves.” He said and stood up gently from his seat.

Chloe smiled broadly and winked at me while I smiled lightly and gave her a thumbs up.

He took a final and quick glance at me before walking out of the office.

“Oh my God Kian! I can’t believe this!” Chloe exclaimed happily.
“Yeah.” I smiled lightly at her.

“Tell me, how did you get the job?” She asked and etwined our hands together.



Chloe’s pov:
I was damn so happy because dad made Kian my personal bodyguard. It will make us closer to each other and that’s exactly what I want.
To be closer to him.

Kian stands beside my door everyday and follow me to school. He follows me almost everywhere I go.

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Sometimes, he even begs Kyle that he wants to drive me. Kyle would agree begrudgingly.

But anyways, I’ve really come to like our closeness with each other.

Ciara and Anna were drooling over him when they saw him the first day with me at school.

Ciara was continuously asking me if really he’s my body guard.
She was damn surprised.

He looks way too hot and handsome to be my personal bodyguard; so they said.

At first they still doubted it but as Kian continued to still accompany me to school, they totally believed.

After lectures, Ciara, Anna and I decided to quickly have lunch together before leaving.

We walked to the cafeteria and sat on an empty booth.
Ciara ordered for spaghetti and meatballs, Anna ordered for chicken and chips with ketchup. But since I don’t really like eating in public, I just ordered for a simple snacks of burger and coke drink.

We ate and chatted happily while Kian stood beside me, protectively.

I saw girls steal glances at him and I felt like pulling off their eyes.

How dare they?

They were giving him flirty smiles and all, but Kian didn’t even smile or acknowledge them; and that made me happy.

“Kian, why don’t you seat? You’ve been standing since forever and I know your legs would probably hurt.” I pout childishly and batted my eye lashes cutely.

“Don’t worry Chloe, I’m fine. Besides, a body guard isn’t supposed to seat, he’s supposed to stand and watch.” He retorted calmly.

“Please Kian, please seat.” I pout and gestured my hand to the chair for him to seat.
“Please.” I whine when he wouldn’t say anything or even make a move to seat.

“Urgh, fine. You can be so persistent sometimes.” He grumbled while I chuckled.

He sat down beside me and stared at the table.

Ciara winked at me. But I just rolled my eyes.
I ordered same snacks for Kian and he begrudgingly ate half from it.

And the rest of the day went smoothly.

I had a tired day at school because of different projects and assignments I needed to make researches on. I went to the school library to get some books and damn, it was so stressful.

I finally rounded off whatever things I could find and left.

As I walked towards my car with Kian, I was feeling weak and having a probing headache.

My body was aching me but it wasn’t too serious.

But nevertheless, I still managed to walk the short distance to where my car was parked.

Kian opened the backseat of the car and as I was about to enter, I held my head in pain.

I groaned and I lost my balance and Kian caught me by the waist.

I heard his worry voice which sounded so far and finally, I blacked out.

I stared around and I discovered I was in the hospital.

I racked my brain and finally, I remembered why I ended up in the hospital.

I had passed out!


Oh God! When am I gonna stop passing out every time?

Dad and a doctor walked in and he looked worried. I tilted my head and saw Kian standing beside the door.

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The doctor removed the drip on my hand and checked my heartbeat. After she was done with whatever she was doing in my body, she left.

“Princess!” Dad called worriedly. I rolled my eyes and ignored him.

Today, he’s gonna tell me what exactly is wrong with me.

“Princess what is it?” He asked worriedly.

“Dad leave me alone! Since you want to keep lying to me then fine! Since you want to keep pretending that I’m fine and nothing’s wrong with me, then fine!

Leave me alone!” I said and it had taken the guts in me not to yell at him.

I’ve never yelled at dad and I won’t do it now.

“What do you mean princess?” Dad asked.

“Tell me dad, what exactly is wrong with me!” I said, having the urge to yell at his face.

“I’ve told you over and over again that nothing’s wrong with you. You’re perfectly fine.” Dad said.

“Oh really?” I laughed dramatically.
“Really dad? And I keep passing out every damn time. I look frail and I have body pains even when I don’t do anything strenuous. I’m always weak and you say nothing is wrong with me?

How can I be perfectly fine going through those?” I said and tears rolled down my cheeks.
I felt hurt knowing dad doesn’t want to tell me the truth.

I need to know.

Dad tried to touch my hand but I yanked it away.

“Dad?” I called calmly and we both stared intently at each other.

“Do I have a sickle cell disease?” I asked the question that’s been disturbing my every sleep. That’s been on my head since the day Jace said those words to me.

“What?” Dad asked in shock and he’s jaw dropped.

“Answer me dad! Do I really have a sickle cell disease?” I cried out.

“Look princess who told you?” He asked calmly.
“Who told me doesn’t answer my question dad!” I cried out.

“Look princess… The truth is that…” Dad stuttered and he suddenly looked nervous.

“And don’t you think of lying to me!” I said with tears rolling down uncontrollably down my face.

“I’m sorry Chloe, I’m really sorry. But you don’t have a sickle cell disease.” Dad said and he looked guilty and sad.

“If you don’t tell me dad, I’ll kill myself.” I blurted out and brought out the syringe I had carefully taken from the doctor’s tray without the notice of the doctor.

I kept it beside the bed.

“What? Princess no!” Dad exclaimed shockingly.

“I’ll do it dad. I’ll use this syringe to cut my vein and you know what that means.

So , if you still love me, you’ll tell me the truth.” I threatened and placed the tiny needle in my vein on my hand.

“I’m gonna ask you again dad, do I have sickle cell anemia?” I asked.

He gulped nervously and tried to take the syringe from me but I pierced it a little on my hand and that made him scared and he withdrew.

“Y…e…s you have a sickle cell disease. But believe me princess, I never stop loving you.” Dad said guiltily.

At that moment, I went pale.

I really do have a sickle cell disease?