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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 43

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???? Daddy’s
(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 43

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s pov:
The syringe fell from my hand and tears rolled down my cheeks freely.

“I’m sorry princess, I’m sorry for keeping this away from you.

Even with this sickness, I never stopped loving you. I’ve always loved you even more than myself.

Seeing you happy is my utmost joy.
I’m sorry for hiding this from you all these years.” Dad begged and I could tell he was trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall out.

“Why? You could have still told me!” I cried out.

“I’m sorry princess, I really am.” Dad apologized guiltily.
“You know what, just leave!” I said and gestured my hand towards the door.

“Huh?” Dad asked shockingly.
“I said you should leave!” I said, trying to suppress the urge to shout at him.

“Are you really asking me to leave?” Dad asked.
“Yes. Leave.” I said.

Dad nodded his head and left my ward.

I turned to the other side of the bed and wept bitterly.

Why me?
So, I’ve lived my twenty two years of life being a sickler and never for once did I know.
Dad never told me.

Am I gonna die very soon?
Oh God!

Mere thinking about it, brings fear in me; thanatophobia.

I don’t wanna die now.

I sniffed in my tears and turned to look at Kian staring pitifully at me.

“Kian?” I called sadly and hugged him tight.

“I’m scared, I don’t want to die.” I cried hard on his chest.
He wrapped his arms around me and stroked my hair softly.

“It’s okay Chloe. Everything’s gonna be fine. You aren’t gonna die.

You’ve been living ever since and now, you aren’t gonna die.

You’re a strong girl and I believe that you’re gonna live for a very long time.” He said with a soothing voice.

I exhaled deeply and sniffed in my tears.

Kian continued to say soothing words to me with my head still on his chest.

I started to hiccup as my cries were starting to fade.

I muffled my tears and I felt relieved a little because of his soothing words.

Still saying soothing words and still placing my head on his chest, I fell asleep.


Kian’s pov:
I felt hurt when I saw Chloe crying. It’s really shocking that she’s been living with a sickle cell disease and she never knew.

Who would even believe that the almighty Seth’s only child as a sickle cell disease.

If not because I was there when they talked about it, I wouldn’t have believed if someone had told me that a pretty and vibrant girl would have such a sickness.

So ironical!

Seeing her in tears, I really wasn’t happy. I just want to be there for her.

I want to be a shoulder she can lean on when she’s sad and to be there for her through thick and thin.

I want to be the one to wipe her tears away and make her happy.

I want to be the reason for her smiles and laughter.

I really want to be the one.


Ivy’s pov:
Since Chloe and I became friends, I had the opportunity to ask her alot of questions.
Most especially about her driver.

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Seeing Kyle, my heart always reacts funny and I feel happy to see him drop Chloe off at school.

He’s cute and all, but he hasn’t even payed a single attention towards me.
Maybe he doesn’t like poor and shabby girls like me.

But I do like him.

I just pray he’d give me his attention one day. I’ll really be happy for us to be friends.


Chloe’s pov:
“Princess, what are you doing?” Dad asked in an horrific voice.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

I dragged my pink luggage down the stairs while dad trailed hurriedly behind me.

He was in deep shock seeing me with my luggage.

“Princess please talk to me! Where are you going with your luggage huh?” Dad asked worriedly as he darted his eyes from my luggage to me. I stopped walking and turned to look at him.

“I’m leaving dad.” I broke the news.

“Leaving? To where?” Dad asked with confusion and shock written all over his face.

“Look dad, I’m still mad at you for keeping the truth away from me all these years.

I mean, I’m your daughter and I have every right to know what’s wrong with me.

Where you really gonna hide the truth away from me forever maybe till I die?” I scoffed and folded my arms under my boobs.

“Look princess, I’m sorry. I was gonna tell you but I was looking for the right time.

I didn’t want to hurt you and I’m sorry. I was gonna tell you, I didn’t plan on keeping it forever away from you.

Please, forgive me.” Dad said sadly and his eyes watered.

“It’s okay dad. But I’m still leaving. I ain’t leaving for good.
I’m just gonna stay at a friend’s house and I’ll be back very soon, probably after my head might have cooled off.

I just want to be alone for some time.” I sighed lowly and stared at dad.

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?” Dad asked.

“Yes dad, I’m gonna be fine. I just need some time alone.” I said.

“Okay princess, since you’ve made up your mind then, I can’t stop you.

But don’t forget to give me a call when you need anything okay?” He said while I nodded my head.

“Come here. I’m gonna miss you.” He smiled sadly with his arms spread apart and I walked towards him and went into his arms.

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my hair.

“I love you princess.” He muttered.
“And I love you too dad.” I muttered and bit my lip, preventing me from crying.

“Alright dad. I gotta go.” I smiled lightly and disengaged from the hug.

He stared at me and pecked my cheeks.

“Bye princess and take care of yourself.”
“I will dad. Bye.” I smiled and pecked his cheeks.

I waved lightly at dad and rolled my luggage, going towards the door.

I got outside and Kian was already waiting for me.

He took my luggage from me and placed it in the car trunk. He opened the front seat of the car while I gracefully slide in.

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He closed the door and went to the driver’s seat. He slide in and closed the door.

He took a quick glance at me before starting the car.

As he drove off, I placed my head on the car headrest pillow and took my gaze to stare outside the window.

I sighed softly and closed my eyes and then, I fell asleep.

“Hey, wake up. We are here already.” I heard kian’s voice and my eyes snapped opened.

I yawned lightly and stretched out my body.

The car door was already opened and so, I just alighted.

Kian brought out my luggage and held my hand in his and we both walked into his penthouse.

He showed me to my room and I thanked him.
I kept my luggage at a corner of the room and plomped hard on the big, soft and bouncy bed.

I still felt dizzy and tired.

Without bothering to even remove my shoe, I climbed fully on to the bed and grabbed the soft pillow.

I inhaled the scent and smiled lightly. I hugged the pillow and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

By the time I had woken up, Kian already prepared lunch.
We sat on the dinning table and ate quietly on our meal.

When we were done, we played chess game and he won countless times.

We took a walk around the house and I got to see other places in his penthouse.

I wonder what he does for a living before being my bodyguard for him to be able to afford such an expensive big and beautiful penthouse.

My one week with Kian was fun and I really enjoyed my stay with him. He took me back home and dad was glad to see me.

And I was happy too to see him.

Kian and I went to fun places and sight seeing.
He made my days with him memorable.

He was caring and we had even slept on the same bed in his room and nothing had happened.

He didn’t even make an attempt to touch me.
We just slept off peacefully.

And I got to like him more.

I like Kian and I won’t deny that fact. It’s the truth that I’ve come to realize this past few days with him.

But the question is, does Kian like me too?


Kian’s pov:
Having Chloe by my side for seven whole days, it took a whole lot of patient in me not to get tight with her or even forcefully have her.

She was always so tempting that sometimes, my d*ck would hardened at just the mere sight of her.

And the night we had spent together, jeez! I felt like grabbing her a*s and kissing her senselessly and then, shoving my hardened d*ck inside her tight v*gina.

But I didn’t do any of those.
I want to take everything slowly.

A part of me doesn’t want her sad or distrust me. I want to protect her and not see her in tears.

I’m just gonna be a gentleman for her sake.

I don’t just want to hurt her feelings.

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She’s going through a lot and now isn’t the time to f*ck her but at the right time, I will.


Kyle’s pov:
It’s no joke that Kian is definitely gonna be the one to win the bet.
With the closeness between the both of them: Kian and Chloe, even a blind man can tell that there’s a chemistry going on between them.

Chloe likes him and it’s written all over her.

There’s no place for me in her heart and I can’t forcefully have my way with her.

I can’t just kill myself over having sex with a girl that’s clearly not interested in me when I have other girls at my feet.

I think I’ll just let go of trying to win Chloe’s heart already taken heart and focus on trying to find true love.

I’ve made lots of money in years and I wouldn’t die or become poor if I don’t get all the money in the sinners account.

I’ll just have to trend rightly so I won’t make a mistake I’ll regret forever.


Kian’s pov:
I checked the time and it was just few minutes for Chloe’s class to be over.

I hurriedly left and decided to get something real quick before her classes would be over. I decided to use her car since Kyle didn’t drive her to school.


I purchased a red rose flower and went back to Chloe’s school.

I intend giving it to her and I don’t even know the reason why.

Lately, I’ve been doing things I’ve never done because of Chloe.

I’m not a gentleman but because of Chloe, I suddenly became one. I don’t smile, laugh and compliment someone but I did all because of her.

And now, I’m gonna give her a flower when I’ve never done it before.

What’s Chloe really doing to me?

I got into the school compound and students were already leaving.

And then, I saw a car driving out speedily and when I strained to see who the person was, I saw a familiar person.

My suspicions increased when I saw a hand throwing Chloe’s shoe out of the car window.


I turned around and sped after the car.

The driver seems to be alert and he increased the speed.

We drove roughly along the road and beat different traffic signs.

We got to a deserted place using my sense of driving skills, I drove over to the front of the car and that made the car to abruptly stop.

I got down from my car and walked angrily towards the car.

I saw Chloe at the back seat and her mouth was gagged. Her hands were tied tightly behind her back and she was trying to loose free.
Her eyes dilated as she saw me.
Seeing her in that condition, already made me more enraged.

I opened the driver’s seat angrily and brought out the motherf*cker roughly out of the car.

I punched him angrily on his face and grabbed his collar roughly.

He tried to fight back but I was no match for him.

I went for his face and angrily yanked his mask away.

My jaw dropped in shock as I stared at him.