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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 46

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???? Daddy’s
(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 46

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s pov:
After our semester’s exam, we were given an holiday.

In a few months time, I’ll be graduating from the University.

Oh my!
I’m so damn happy.

I’ll finally be a graduate.

Wow! I really can’t wait.

I danced happily for no reason and as I climbed down the stairs, I hummed happily.

Kian stood in front of the stairs and stared curiously at me.

I don’t know but I’m just happy.

Oops! That’s because Kian would be taking me to a fun place again today.

Jeez! Kian and I have been going out and spending time with each other during this holiday.

I’ve come to like Kian so very much but I’m afraid that the like is becoming something else.

The feelings I’m having towards him is turning into something big.

But I can’t even stop feeling.

As I got to the second to last staircase, I twisted my leg and before Kian could catch me, I already landed hard on the floor.

My head was spinning and everywhere was blurry. I heard kian’s worried voice before I finally passed out.

“Hey princess.” Dad cooed softly and stroked my hand softly.

“Dad? Am I in the hospital?” I asked as I stared weakly at him.

“Yes, you are.” He answered sadly.

I nodded my head and took my gaze to stare around.

Truly, I was in the hospital.

Tears trickled down my cheeks while I sniffed in dejectedly.

“Dad? What’s your gentotype?” I asked and wiped my tears.

“AS.” Dad answered.

“And mom?” I asked.

“AS too.”

“Then, why did you two produce me?” I asked and sat on top of the hospital bed and stared keenly at him.

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“Your mother was a very beautiful and nice woman. She was the most humble and kindest woman I’ve ever met.

When we were still in a relationship, your mother was always falling sick.

And one day, I got to finally know that she had an AS as a gentotype.

I was heartbroken because I was also AS but I really loved your mother and I didn’t want to loose her.

And so, I ignored the fact that we were both AS. She didn’t know because I was strong and I wasn’t always falling sick like the way she does.

We got married and we had you. But then, she finally knew my genotype and she was sad.

But it was too late because she was already pregnant.

But she eventually died when you were barely six months old.

I was so hurt and devastated.

As you grew up, I finally got to know that you had sickle cell disease because of my selfishness.

And drugs were given to you to help you. And that’s why you’ve been taking drugs since you were little.” Dad explained and a tear slipped down his cheek.

“I’m really sorry Chloe, I’m really sorry for making you go through all these.

I’m sorry for being so inconsiderate and selfish.” Dad muttered sadly.

“It’s okay dad. I perfectly understand. You were in love and you were afraid to loose her.” I cooed softly and wiped his tear away.

“Dad?” I called.

“I want to do the bone marrow transplant. Tell the doctor I’m ready.” I said with all seriousness.

Dad looked at me shockingly.
“Are you sure you really want to do this Chloe?” He asked.

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I nodded my head and held his hand in mine.

“I’m sure dad. I really want to do it.

I’m going to fight my way through.” I said assuringly.

“Thank you so much princess.” Dad smiled and hugged me.


Kian’s pov:
Chloe’s transplant would be done in India and before she left, I was always by her side, encouraging her.

But she surprised me by begging me to accompany her to India and I agreed.

Her father didn’t object as long as it’d make her happy.


We stayed in one of Mr Seth’s mansion in India until everything’s ready for the operation.

I made sure Chloe didn’t feel depressed or sad as I made sure she had fun.

We talked a lot and I gave her soothing words.

Finally, Chloe was to go inside the operation room and she looked so scared.

Her father encouraged her while I hugged her and kissed her forehead.

She stopped crying and wiped her tears.

Before she turned around to leave, she stood on her toes and surprised me by giving me a quick kiss on my lips.

Before I could even say a word, she already left.

I was really so shocked and surprised and I absent-mindedly rubbed my lips.

Her lips felt so soft on mine.


But why did she kiss me?

I’ve got no idea.

After two hours of waiting endlessly, Mr Seth was finally called by the doctor to have a word with him.

I begged Mr Seth so I could come with him and he agreed.

We followed the doctor along the hallway until we got to an office.

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He opened the door and gestured for us to go in.

I stood beside Mr Seth who sat down.

“Doctor how’s my daughter? Is she okay? What’s the operation successful?” Mr Seth questioned worriedly.

“Calm down Mr Seth.” The doctor said, with his face holding no emotion.

Is Chloe okay?
Why isn’t he even smiling a bit like what doctor’s do when there’s a good news.

But I hope there’s good news.

“Mr Seth, I want you to get your mind and heart ready for whatever news you’re gonna hear.

You have to prepare your heart and mind to be able to hear the news.

You’ve got to prepare yourself.” The doctor said calmly.

And with those words said, my fears increased.

The something bad happen to Chloe?

“I’m ready doctor. Just say whatever you want.” Mr Seth said but I could tell he was scared by the way he sounded.

“Well, your daughter…”