March 22, 2023

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The Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 10

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written by Eunice Nwodu

Episode 10

(Oh my God…I made a mistake at the last episode. Kira wasn’t raped. I meant ‘almost raped’????when I saw it, it was too late then)
????Kira’s pov????
Oh God…I can’t believe I almost got raped.

Mr Adam walked into the kitchen with his eyes filled with rage. He fixed his eyes at the teacher.

He doesn’t look very happy.
It was more like he was going to tear the teacher into pieces.
I sent my hand to my face and wiped the tears.

“Kira, excuse us” mr Adam spoke for the first time. I nodded feeling so awful and despondent like I was actually raped for real.

I was stupefied that such a thing could happen to me.

I lowered my head as I walked past them and I could swear I heard the teacher cuss under his breath.

I got to the bursted door of the kitchen where Brandon stood – more like hiding.

I took his hand and we left the kitchen area completely. Brandon and I headed for the stairs.

????Mr Adam’s pov????
I waited for Kira to leave entirely before dealing with the as*h*le that thinks he could just come into my home and rape my son’s doctor.

“What the hell did you just try to do?” I asked squinting my eyes at him.

“She…she seduced me sir…” He replied stuttering.

I scoffed.

He was about to leave when I grabbed him by his collar and drew him back throwing a fast punch on his face.
He stuttered back hitting the fridge with his back.

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I went for him and gave him a blow on his cheek and he groaned in pain.

“You son of a bi*ch!” I rasped and kicked him hard on his tummy.
He growled lifting his head for me to see his dirty bloody nose.

“Please…am sorry!” He said accompanied with a croak.

He’s such a wily person.
He lied to me about Kira seducing him.
For peace sake…as ugly as he is???

Kira had never made a move on me – a famous filthy rich demi god. Speak less of this fool who can barely afford a shirt.

I can’t believe I let such a rascal teach my son. And here I thought I could trust him with Brandon.

As all this thoughts were going through my head, I didn’t realize I was still hitting him.

He was weak now and almost to the point of death.

“Mr Adam please!” The chef pleaded trying to get me off the idiot.

He pulled me back forcefully and I took deep breaths.

“Calm down sir…please!” The chef yelled painstaking, trying not to make me more mad.

“You’ll maim him for life if you keep hitting him sir!”.

I kept panting like I just fought with a lion.
My hands were bloody and am just unhappy and furious!.

I stormed out of the kitchen hearing the chef shout:

“please, send and ambulance…please be quick!”.

I scoffed.
That pervert deserves death.

????Kira’s pov????
I sat with Brandon beside me on the bed. We were in my room.

“…I heard you screaming so I ran and called dad. Thank God he didn’t go to work today. What was that man doing to you?…he locked the door of the kitchen so daddy had to break it down with his legs. Dad’s so strong like superman” He boasted flexing his muscles.

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I smiled wryly.
At least he was humorous enough to save me.

Mr Adam is full of suprises…

I couldn’t help but blush…☺

The door of the room opened and he walked in.

Jesus Christ!!!
I was shocked to the bone seeing him at the door.

He’s never crossed this area since I came to the house.
I don’t remember him coming in…??

I was nervous and my heart was starting to beat.

“Brandon, have you taken your drugs?” He asked not even sparing me a glance.

“Yes dad” little Brandon replied perfunctorily.

His dad shot him a different stare and he mouthed and ‘oh’.

Brandon turned to me.

“I’ll go sleep now” he said and left the room.

I was now left with the one and only mr Fretful and supercilious.

I took my eyes to the floor unsure of what to think.

“Kira, follow me but maintain your distance” he said and left the room.

What now???
I stood up and followed him like he said.