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Dream High. Season 2 Chapter 6

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???????????? Like Before Reading, Please ????????????

???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Reborn) ???????? ????

???? The Plan (Part 6) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 6️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

From the last Episode Continuation:

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

Since he came from the hospital yesterday, unexpectedly, something seemed off about him but I can’t seem to place my hand on it.

And even though he is angry, somehow, I have this feeling he won’t hurt me.

“I don’t get what you are saying Arjun.” I said, pushing him out of my way and hurriedly left that place and headed for the stairs. “And seriously speaking, whoever I sleep with isn’t your business. You are not my boyfriend or husband.”

“I will definitely get to the bottom of this Ashwini, you and I is forever whether you like it or not.” He said as I climbed the stairs quickly and went to my room, I locked my door and at that moment I realized I hadn’t seen auntie Mehek and Taru.

I quickly text Mehek asking her of her whereabouts.

Her reply came swiftly.

???? I have an appointment with Amol, will talk to you when I come back. Take care of yourself. ????

I smiled when I read her text.

Amol is good for her, he is far better than Bobby.

I quickly sent a message to Rohan.

???? Missing you hotshot. ????

I collapsed on my bed, and slept off.


????️ Writer Pov ????️

Arjun watches the retreating back of Ashwini until she is out of his sight and he heads the click on her door which signifies she has locked her room, possibly from him.

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“You said she will love me once she sees me, but I am getting the opposite of that.” Arjun said to the empty living room.

Amar came out through a wall.

“That means she is stronger than we thought.”

“Look, you made me a promise that you won’t hurt her.”

“Yes Arjun. Although you promised my Lady, not me but I won’t hurt her. I just want to confirm if she is truly the one I and my mistress have been searching for.” Amar told him.

“Whatever powers your lady gave to me made Ashwini smell differently today, she smell fine yesterday but not today.”

“Well, that’s left for you to find out why she was smelling differently whilst I will go and inform my Lady that her love potion didn’t work.”

“I need to stop Khan from getting married to her.”

“Well you have the powers Arjun, think like a magician.” Amar said and disappeared.

“What should I do?”


Lady Meera came out of her room and came out of the Maharaja Palace building and walked steadily to three shaking men in the compound, their hands were tied behind them and they were on their knees.

“Now tell me, how can such a huge amount of money just disappear last night?” She asked with a smile as she awaits for an answer.

“My lady we were attacked.” One of the men replied fearfully.

“You were attacked by who?” She asked, her smile fading away slowly.

“By a man my Lady, it was sudden and before we knew it, he had knocked us out.” The same man answered.

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“Can you recognize him?”

“No my Lady, he wore a mask.” He responded.

“How can someone know that the treasurer has such huge amount of money in his house? He was supposed to put that money in my bank account yesterday but he couldn’t due to his health issues, who is this thief that has such guts?” Lady Meera said. “I wish my powers can be able to locate this thief, too bad witches powers doesn’t work that way.” She whisper lowly to herself.

“Guards, take these two dummies and chop off their heads.” Lady Meera said pointing at the other two men who didn’t speak. “And one of you should call an artist, we must find out who this thief is.”

Some of the guards there carried the two men with them to chop off their heads as instructed.

“Take him with you until the artist arrives.” Lady Meera ordered, turned around and went back to her room.

No sooner had she entered her room did Amar appear.

“The love potion didn’t work on her so I don’t know if she is truly Aishwarya or not.” Amar said going on his knees and bowing his head.

“Do not bother with that Amar.” Lady Meera said. “When I saw her yesterday in Goa palace, I knew immediately she is Aishwarya. She might have changed her face but not her eyes, she is my niece after all, we have the same blood running through our veins. My only concern now is how was she able to survive? Who could have healed her? Who will have such power to remove my poison from Aishwarya?”

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