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His Signature. Episode 8

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…………. Episode 8………

By: Faith Lucky

????Rachel’s pov????
He stopped and took his hands away from my zipper.

“So you won’t feel hot inside.. “He muttered and I nodded.

So thoughtful of him.

An awkward silence took over the living room. I think everyone noticed it and began stealing glances at one another.

“Why… Why don’t we do something fun till the electricity is back on. “Alex said and I was quite suprised it came from him.

“Then let’s play truth or dare! “Maria said excitedly.

“That’s childish Maria.. “Alex breath out.

“Then let’s play DIRTY. “Maria suggested.

I smiled inwardly. Maria is just having false hope, Alex would never agree to that.

“I’ll start. “Alex said and my jaw dropped.

Did I hear right??

“Rachel, truth or dare? “He asked but not looking at me.

I gulped and just wanted to play innocent for now.

“T.. Truth. ”

“Good, Who is the father of your unborn child? “He asked.

What sort of question is that… Why are does he want to know anyway?? ‘
Oh, I shouldn’t have told him am pregnant but that was what crossed my mind.

“His name is… Antonio. “I said without hesitation.

“Alright, ask me Maria. “He said.

“Truth or dare sir? “She asked.

“T. “Alex replied.

“Okay, when last did you have a hard on and who made you to? “She asked and I blinked rapidly. Maria can be this bad??

Alex chuckled softly and scratched the back of his hair.

“Nothing but the truth sir… “Maria cooed grinning.

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Alex took a while before he said :
“Last night, Rachel. ”

Alex is completely blowing my mind right now!!!
I turned him on?
I really did?

I felt really shy as my cheeks flashed red. I felt excited but not deliberately.
Oh my! The feeling was so mixed and absurd.

“Whoa!! “Maria said as she smiled broadly staring at me.

“ask Rachel and let it be good.. . “Alex said and he winked at Maria.

This two… Baddest in the land.

“Rachel, if you were to make your man happy, what sex style can you pull off best? “Maria asked and licked her lips.

Oh my! This question is exposing and the funny part is, Am still a virgin.

I thought of what to say… Anything at all.

“Missionary… “I muttered.

I looked up and my eyes locked with Alex, he was staring at me.

“Sounds sweet. But also give him a blow job, that’s best. “Maria said and I closed my ears with my palms.

Aish…! This girl is bad.

The game went on and we played it for some minutes more.
It was my turn again…

I thought of a really tricky question.

“Are you still crazy over your ex? “I asked Alex.

His expression was beyond words.
He was angry, shocked and…
I ran out of words.

Immediately, the lights came on. Hew! They fixed it already.

Alex grabbed his coat and stood up, leaving for the stairs. I stood up too shocked and upset with the way he was reacting. I turned to the workers.

“Good night everyone. “I murmured and went upstairs.

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I went into my room feeling cramped up with what happened earlier.

Alex must hate me now.
… For bringing up stuff about his ex??

I found myself in the bathroom minutes later.

I had a bath before brushing my teeth for bed. I jumped into my pajamas.

I then slumped on my bed. Am not happy at all

All I wanna do is just to be with Alex… Apologizing of course.

I went into his room and knocked on his door. I didn’t get any response but I went in anyway.

I heard some noise of water running from the shower. He was bathing.

I looked around his big spacious bedroom. I liked it.

So manly and orderly.

I loved the arrangements and paintings by the wall.

I was starting to feel sleepy but it wore off the moment the door of the bathroom opened and Alex came out in a white towel round his waist.

Our eyes met and he had an ‘I don’t want to see your face look ‘.
I hope things are cool between us soon.

“There’s no ghost Rachel, go to bed. “He said sternly and I frowned. I walked to where he was and stood before him.

“Its not about the ghost Alex and you know it. “I said.

He looked down slightly..

“Am sorry for bringing up your ex into the game, forgive me… “I said.

He scoffed and rubbed his nose before looking at me.

“Forget about it. “He said and walked past me.

I walked after him.

“Am sorry Alex. “I said. “I really am… ”

Before I could say ‘jack ‘, he turned in a snap and took my lips into his and moaned softly. He held my waist as he did so.

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What’s he doing?
Why’s he kissing me?