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His Signature. Episode 38

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Signature ✍
(The wedding)

………. Episode 38……

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s POV ????.
She stared particularly at me for a long time. The girls too adjusted themselves. Dressing their gowns and wiping off the sweet’s crumbs too.

Looks like a lot t of people fear her.

“You four should go downstairs. I’ll handle you later. “She said with a commanding voice.

Raina and her friends stood up immediately and rushed out of the room with their heads bent and they were looking scared.

Mrs Owens wore an English long dress which looked great on her and brought out her figures. She wore a glittering Diamond ring on her finger. Her make up was extravagant and sumptuous.

Alex’s mom scoffed and turned her stare to me.

“You never listen, do you? You want to see what I can do right? “She asked.

I stood up from the bed.
“Alex insisted I came with him. “I said lowly. “Mrs Owens, there’s nothing I can do here. Your son loves me and won’t let me go. I love him too and we’re trying to keep this love we have for each other alive. So please don’t kill our vibes. We’re meant to be. ”

She chuckled and drummer her fingers on the desk nearby.

“This is one of the reasons I don’t like asking people things nicely. They end up throwing your words into mud and try to prove themselves right. “She said to herself before looking at me.

“You caused this. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Am sure you’ll learn from your stubbornness. “She said before leaving the room.

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I sighed.
She’s such a pest.
Her threat, did she mean it?
Alex, I need to be with Alex.

I left the room trying hard to find myself out of the place. The wedding was going on downstairs. I could hear some prayers going on and bells ringing.

I raised my gown which was starting to sweep the floor. I ran down the hallway on a daze as I noticed I was the only one here.

Everyone must be Downstairs.
I bumped into someone and my heart made a mighty leap.
I was startled

“Am sorry I scared you, wasn’t looking. “The man said.

I nodded shyly and stepped back.
“Please can you help me get to the wedding downstairs? “I asked him.

He nodded with a smile.

I followed him down the maze stairs and in no time. We were close to the dance floor and I could see people crowded at some place probably watching the prayers and spiritual rituals take place.

I scanned the premises for Alex but he wasn’t in sight.
I turned to thank the man for his help but he was already gone.

I felt disappointed cause he helped me a lot.

I approached the people by the crowd worriedly looking for Alex.

I couldn’t see him but I was able to get a view of what was going on at the small Alter.

The bride was very beautiful and had a pretty long hair. She batted her lashes as the groom put a red necklace around her neck. She kept blushing.

She had a golden long nose ring attached to her nose.

After the rituals, music was turned on and Raina and her friends with many other girls began dancing to the music shaking their hips.
Their tummy was super flat making their hips dangle even more to the song.

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I saw Alex sitting at a table operating his phone. I found my way through the guests to where he was. I sat beside him

“Thank goodness I found you. “I muffled.

He smiled and turned off his phone putting it in his pocket.
“How was the tour? Did you enjoy Raina’s company? “He asked.

I nodded.
“She’s fun to be with. And her friends are kick ass as well. “I said taking the half drank glass of blue wine before him.

“Just a sip Rachel, don’t get dr… ”

Before he could finish, I drank the whole content into my mouth and swallowed it hardly. It hurt my throat a little but I liked it.

“Should we go and dance? “I asked him licking my lips.

“That’s the last thing I’ll ever do in public. “He said with a detest look.

“Huh, you’re so boring to be with. “I stated as a waiter approached us with a tray filled with drinks.

“Would you like a glass of vodka? “He asked.

I took two glasses and smiled at him as he walked away.

Alex grunted like he was fed up or something.

I ignored him and swallowed the whole content in a glass.

“Want some? “I asked him.

He shrugged.
“Am good dear. “He retorted looking away.

He’s such a kill joy sometimes.

I drank from the other glass and remained a little.
I burped.
Alex looked at me disgusted.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to. “I muffled.

“It’s okay. “He replied.

After two good hours of dancing and fun among the guests, everyone was settled down in their seats.
A plump lady walked to the stage with an envelope in her hand.

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Her sari was the best I’ve seen so far. Simply lovely and had flower decors around it.

“Good evening everyone. I welcome you all to the wedding of our newest youngest couple, Mona and Predip. It’s an honour to invite the top sponsor of this wedding to the stage to read out his good luck wishes to the couple. “She said cheerfully and the whole place was filled with applauds from all sides.

Alex stood up.
My eyes widened. He’s the one that sponsored the wedding.
How nice of him!

He walked to the stage and standing before the mic.

“Good evening everyone. Before I say what I have to say to the couple, it would do me great pleasure if my fiancée would join me here,” he said into the mic.

My eyes widened.
Which fiance is he talking about?

“Come here Rachel. “He strained with a smirk.
Oh heavens!
It’s actually me he’s referring to.

I stood up with feeble feet and my legs wobbly.
I gulped as all stares turned to me.