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His Signature. Episode 29

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………. Episode 29…..

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov ????
I shook my head nervously looking at him.
“I can’t guess. “I muffled.

“You can’t guess? “He asked.

“I can’t guess when am hungry. “I mumbled.

He cracked.
“Okay then. You can go eat something. “He said and walked back upstairs.

What did I ruin?
I headed to the kitchen. The water I asked off was on a tray and she was just about bringing it to me. I took it and gulped it down. It was extremely refreshing and I felt better.

“Is dinner ready yet? “I asked the maid.

She shook her head.
“No, almost… But we have a standby sandwich. She said giving me the plate.
A good looking Burger with pickles and a half sliced sandwich was on the plate.

I Dropped the it on the kitchen table before me.

I turned to the maid.
“Uh.. Do you have any clue of where Alex went to earlier this evening? Did he mention his plans? “I asked.

She stopped stirring the soup before her and turned to me.

“No, he didn’t. He hardly talks to us. But I remember seeing him waiting outside by the balcony. I guess he was waiting for someone. He drove out a while later alone. That’s all I know. “She said.

Her lips cornered to an innocent smile and her dimples surfaced.
She’s beautiful.

“Okay, thank you. “I said uncomfortably.

Where did Alex drive to?

I Looked down at the plate. I was hungry. I took a big bite that left me munching endlessly.
I went to my room and had a bath. I changed into my nightie and brushed my hair.
I took out the corns from my bag and headed for Alex’s room.

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I knocked on the door.

“Alex, it’s me. “I said as I noticed the door was locked.

After a while, the door opened and Alex showed up.

“What do you want? “He asked.

“I came to give you some corn. “I said walking past him into the room. He walked after me and I just pray he wasn’t looking at my butt.

I’d be so embarrassed.

I sat on the bed and spread out the corns on the paper.

“It’s still kinda warm. “I said.

Alex jammed the door and walked to me.
He sat beside me on the bed taking a corn.

“Am sorry for not answering your call.. Forgive me. “I said sobber.

He rolled his eyes.
“No need to apologize. it’s my fault, I care alot about you and I just can’t seem to loose sight of you. “He said looking nervous.

My cheeks flushed red and I couldn’t help but blush. I took a bite out of my corn.. So tasty.
Alex and I Consumed the whole corn in no time. I stood up to go to my room and get some sleep but he stopped me.

“Can you please share my bed with me tonight? “He asked.

I nodded slowly. This gets throbbing day by day. Am battling with the guilty conscience that we’re not married. But I don’t want to loose him. I always like waking up beside him anyway.
“What are you doing? “Alex asked as I shifted a bit from him…

“Am just adjusting myself. “I said feeling bashful.

He drew close and took my lips into his.
Another good night kiss… Hmm.
I was so cut up in the kiss that I didn’t notice his hands moving down my body.

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He stopped on my waist.
I felt relieved.

He sent his hands down again. He pulled up my nightie and his hands caressed my thighs.
I cut the kiss and looked into his face. I couldn’t tell the expression on it.

“Should I stop? “He asked.

I just stared at him not knowing what to say. He drew closer and pulled me closer to him making me lie under him but he wasn’t lying on me. He kissed my lips softly and before I knew it, I was already turned on and wanted him too.. So badly.

We didn’t let the night pass us by as we made most of it. It was incredible and was better much more than the first encounter.

I actually broke the third condition.. ????
Alex and I cuddled up on the bed. He rubbed my hair slowly while I just stared straight at the door.

“.. Can you please tell me what I ruined?.. I hope it’s not our first date.. “I said.

“No… Actually, something came up and I really needed you at that moment. “He said breezily.

My lips curved into an ‘O’

“Well, what came up? “I asked curiously.

“Well, my mom came over and we had a fight. “He said.

I gulped down nervously.

“My mom wants to have dinner with you tomorrow… “He said.