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His Signature. Episode 31

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…….. Episode 31….

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov ????
I held a crumpled look as I walked to her table. My heart kept racing and I knew it was just the dumb scary thoughts that clouded my mind.

I got to her making a wry smile.

“Good evening ma’am “I muffled.

She smiled.
“Do sit. “She said pointing.

I took my eyes to the chair as I sat down hoping the night could be fast forwarded so this would just be a memory.

“Rachel, my son has mentioned one or two things about you but I really want to know you Thereby hearing from the horses mouth itself. “She said with a perfunctory smile.

Did she just call me a ‘horse’?

I nodded as intense anxiety overshadowed me. I felt my palms becoming sweaty.

“Oh! Where am I manners? “She asked herself.
She raised an arm making a signal for someone to come over. In a jiffy, a young man walked to our table.

“Make your order dear. “She said before taking the glass cup filled with red wine to her lips. She sipped from it.

Will I be able to eat in this condition?
When am being interrogated by this strange woman.

I shook my head.
“No ma’am, am fine. “I said with a shaky voice.

“Com’on honey, feel free… Do you want spaghetti or lagsania or salad? “She went on to ask me.

“A plate of salad please. “I muttered.

The waiter nodded and turned to her.

“What would you like to have ma’am? “He asked.

Alex’s mom grinned.
“A plate of spaghetti bologna please. “She said to the waiter.
He nodded before walked away.

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“So Rachel Givens, what do you do for a living? “She asked with her gaze focused on me.

“i work in the Navigation field at one of Alex’s company’s, vogue Blows. “I said.

She cleared her throat.
“So, you’re a slut from work? “She asked.

I was dumbfounded. She just called me a slut?
I scoffed pretty much amused.

“You now live in his house, give him s*x, what next? You’ll target his wealth??! “She asked.

“Believe me Rachel when I tell you, am hardly impressed. So, if you think by looking pretty and acting all comported that I would like you for my son, huh.. “She shook her head and scoffed
“You must be a dreamer. “She said.

I gulped down hot air into my dry throat. Her insults was choking.

“June. She’s betrothed to Alex. And you can’t come inbetween them. June was his first love and of course, first bedmate.

“I can’t just sit back and watch a lady from nowhere try to make something with my son. Alex is taken, do I make myself clear? “She asked.

Her words baffled me and I could feel my heart splitting bit by bit.
‘Alex’s taken’

But does she have any idea June cheated on him?
Like, what kind of a mother is this?
Any who, I saw this coming.

I didn’t reply her as I looked away short of words.
The waiter came by our table with our order.

“I’ll transfer the money. “She told the waiter and turned to me. “Good night, enjoy your dinner. “She snarled with a broad smile.

She grabbed her hand bag and cat walked out of the restaurant.
I felt so humiliated.

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What have I gotten into?
Is it a crime to love his son?

I wasn’t comfortable one bit.
I felt like leaving this place but I didn’t want to go home either.
I wasn’t in the right mood to see Alex right now. He’d surly want to know how the dinner went.

I stared at the food before me.
It looked very delectable but it I felt disgusted maybe cause it was bought by her ;, mrs Owens.

I stood up and scoot out of the restaurant.

I felt hurt and her words rested on my heart like a burden or something.

I walked to the SUV I had came with. The driver quickly opened the door and I went in.
He came round and entered the car as he put on his seatbelt.

“Uh… Driver, can you please take me to charlsoon brooks.? “I asked with a shaky voice.

I just want to go home and rest for a while.