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His Signature. Episode 35

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……….. Episode 35…….
????Rachel’s pov ????
Arriving at the Airport in Mumbai was magical and lit. We didn’t spend much time there anyway as the car Alex hired arrived early enough and we got in.
It was going to stop at the Hotel Alex booked and made reservations.

The airport was not quite rowdy as expected.

I couldn’t believe I was all the way in India. It still amazed me and I guess Alex used the wedding invite to get me across the boarder cause I didn’t have papers.

We arrived at the Hotel and luckily, we got to our suite in no time cause I was extremely tired.
What an adventure.

I laid on the bed and wrapped myself up with a duvet while Alex was on the phone talking to someone who seem anonymous to me.

“Hey, are you okay? “Alex asked standing close to the bed.

“Am fine, am just trying to settle with the weather. Am kind of tired. “I murmured.

Alex sighed behind me.
“I forgot to bring my personal doctor with us.. “He said.

“No, am fine. Just… Hungry. “I muttered.

He smiled.
“Symptoms… “He whispered. “Food is on it’s way. ”

What does Alex mean by that?

I rolled my eyes staring at the TV which was showing an Indian movie. It wasn’t been transcripted or interpreted to English so I lost interest it immediately.

The suite door bell rings softly and Alex walked to it while I shut my eyes sinking into the bed.

This is more like a Honeymoon or a vacation.

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Alex returned with two ladies behind him. They had something red painted on their forehead. They were Indians.
They giggled as they approached the bed with each carrying a tray filled with delicacies.

They looked scrumptious and mouth watering. There was slices of steaks. Oh my! What a feast!

They dropped it all on the dinning with just two seats before leaving.
I stood up after they left and rushed to the table and began digging on my food.

I heard Alex chuckle behind me.

“You better come join me before I finish everything. “I said with food in my mouth.

“I don’t mind. “He said before leaving my back and walking to sit before me on the table.

“This food is delicious! “I blurted.

I couldn’t get enough of it. How could steak and salad be this sweet and tasty?

After a while, I was done eating. I took off my clothes and tied a towel round my body before stepping into the bathroom.
I was already for bed and could fall asleep at any moment. Alex was still in the shower. I shut my eyes to sleep when I heard Alex’s phone beep.

I stared at it for a while.
Am not a jealous type but curiosity always gets the best of me.

I took the phone and looked into it. A message.
Hmm… From who?

I tapped on it and it opened immediately. Thank goodness there was no pass code. I read the message.


wait a minute.. I looked at the sender’s name again, June?

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What gave that bitch the guts to text Alex?

I thought Alex should have blocked her contact or much less delete it after they broke up…

What sort of problem is this?

And how did she know Alex was in a suite anyway?

Maybe she knows about the wedding.

I dropped Alex’s phone right were it was and laid on my side of the bed.
June never gets tired, doesn’t she?

Alex’s mom must have asked her to stay in touch with Alex since she wants her for him.

I don’t plan on being someone’s enemy. Why can’t she just face the fact that Alex and I are just doing fine. We’re into each other.

I tried not to think about it much as Alex entered the room with a towel below his waist.
Damn.. Can this guy get any hotter?

His hair was wet and so was his body. I tried to look away but I was stuck and trapped staring at him.
I don’t like the look of things.. Am drooling for peace sake!

My eyeballs shook as Alex left his current position and walked to the luggage. He opened it and pulled out a pair of a sleeping pants. He changed and walked to the bed.

“Oh.. “He muttered and walked out of the room.

After a while, he returned and laid on the bed. I was looking at him as my eye lids were becoming heavy and all that came to my mind was sleep.

I tried to close my eyes then I heard Alex cough. My eyes fluttered open.

“I can’t sleep Rach. “He said like a baby.

I twitched as I faced upwards.
“Why can’t you sleep? “I asked before yawning quietly.

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“I don’t know. Can you stay up with me? “He asked.

I smiled.
“Okay. “, I muttered though I felt sleepy.

I moved a bit closer to him and our body met. He kissed my hair.
Ahh… I wanted to sleep so bad but what could I do?
I can’t just sleep off knowing his awake and burdened.
I kept him company. Answering every of his random, irrelevant questions. It was weird cause it sounded a bit childish.
We kept each other awake till he finally slept off on his own. I sighed relieved before turning off the electric lamps that lit the room.

I laid back on the bed, closed my eyes and dozed off immediately.
How stressful that was.