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His Signature. Episode 9

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…………… Episode 9……..

By: Faith Lucky

????Rachel’s pov????
He suddenly stopped and disengaged from the kiss.
I looked into his face and he looked Perplexed- Totally confused.

“Please go. “He said.

I walked away but not without giving him one last glance.

I retired to my room and jumped on my bed. I tucked myself in, had my prayers and slept off.

I woke up when my phone rang loudly blasting my ear drums. I had kept it beside me last night.

I checked the caller ID… It was my manager, the one that sent me here.

I cleared my voice so I won’t sound like I had just woken up.

I received the call and placed ot on my ear.
“Good morning mr… ”

“Rachel Givens! “He interpolated and I sighed.

“Yes sir… ”

“Its been two days and we haven’t heard from you, what’s going on?! “He asked probably pissed off.

“Am sorry sir… He’s just too… Busy. “I said.

“Too busy?? Have he taken a look at the documents? “He asked.

“Uh… No… Yes. ‘I stuttered. “I really don’t know sir. He has been with the document ever since. ”

“Listen to me Rachel, Get his signature before this week runs out or you’re as good as gone! Do anything.. Anything at all, even seduce him to the core, as long as he signs it. “He yelled into the phone.

“Have I made myself clear?! ”

“Yes sir.. “I replied.

He disconnected. I dropped the phone on my desk.
What do I do now…

I can’t seduce him, I told him am pregnant.

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I have to persuade him indirectly and I think I have a plan.

I rushed into the bathroom and had a bath, brushing my teeth as well.

I was done wearing my clothes when a knock came on the door.
Hope its not Alex…
I can’t bear seeing him right now. I still have my plans to carry out.

i went over to the door and opened it. Hew! It was Maria.

She walked in with a paper in her hand. I joined her where she stood beside my bed.

“Good morning miss Rachel. “She said.

I smiled.
“No need to get all formal Maria. Not after the game last night. ”

She chuckled.
“Everyone’s got a bad and dirty side. “She said.

“So, what brings you here? “I asked her wondering what was written on the paper.

“Its a list Rachel. Mr Alex wants you to escort his driver to the mall and buy some home appliances. Just a modern AC. He said he wants one with high freezing frequency… Well, the whole instructions are on the paper. “She said.

“Hold on, why do I have to go? Can’t his driver do it alone?? “I asked.

“Actually, its miss June, His ex girlfriend that does this things. But since she’s no longer here… “Maria said.

I scoffed.
I felt grumpy.
Why didn’t Alex come over to tell me himself?
Was he scared of the kiss that occurred last night?

What ever is his reasons… He has to bring down his ego.

I snatched the list from Maria’s hands. Looking down at the whole outlined qualities of the Air conditioner.

“The driver is waiting… Here’s the ATM card. “She said and handed it to me.

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I took it and left the room with Maria walking behind me.
I checked the time on my phone, its 9am. If am back early, I will have time to execute my plan.

I met the driver standing close to the Range rover like it was his. He opened the car door for me and i entered. He entered too and we drove off with a steady speed.

In no time, we were at the Mall. The driver and I alit and we walked in.

????Alex’s pov ????
I sat on the floor smoking.
My thoughts were limitless.

I never planned on cheating on June though she cheated on me.
I kissed Rachel and I regret it… She has to go!

????Rachel’s pov????
We were done buying the Air conditioner. I stood by the counter paying for it while the driver carried it to the car with the help of a security guy at the mall.

Suddenly, a guy came over standing so close to means before I could protest that he give me some space, he grabbed and phone and ran away.

I panicked running after him. My special phone I spent my two months salary on buying. I kept chasing the thief but unfortunately, he fell into a crowd and I lost all hope of finding him.

I didn’t see him again. Tears were already falling down on my cheeks like a water fall. I was crying.
Next thing I knew, the Driver showed up taking my arm.

“Let’s go ma’am. “He said.

I refused taking my hand away from his.

“My phone was stolen… “I said crying.

The driver tried so much to get me to follow him but I wasn’t willing to.

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I started sobbing as I sat on the bare floor with my knees facing up.
How can someone be so cruel to steal from me…?

The driver left me for a while but i didn’t care.
The pain was too much. My lovely phone.. With the videos and pictures….
Am so not going home today!

I kept sobbing quietly till God knows when.

“Get your Ass off the floor right now! “I heard a male voice say with much order in his voice… I looked up.. If it isn’t….. Alex?!!