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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 15

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 15.


My mouth hangs open as I stare at him, he’s here, why is he here.
His could he possibly be here? I didn’t see him as one that goes to places like this so why is he here? And why the hell am I feeling so uneasy about him been here?

I move my eyes away from him and wrap my hands around the pole, staring at the men who are all watching me excepting me to start dancing already.

I gulp in before darting my eyes to him again and he’s staring at me. Watching me keenly before raising the glass to his mouth and staring at me from the brim of the glass.

He doesn’t know that it’s me, right? Of course he doesn’t! I’m just been paranoid.
I mean how would he know that it’s me when I am using a mask over my face.

“What the hell is this? Why are you not dancing yet? Are you here to satisfy us or to watch us?! ”

“What the hell is this! Did I paid my money for this?!”

“Why isn’t she dancing yet?! ”

The men below the stage underneath me yells and I breathe out before removing my gaze from Quinn and sliding up the pole as the music booms in.

I wrap my legs around the pole and bring my head up as I swirl around the pole before bending my head and pushing my ass up, the strip cloth which reveals almost everything pushing everything even further out.

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My gaze goes to him once again and he’s still staring at me. I remove my gaze immediately before I lose focus again and I wrap my hands and my legs around the pole before bending, stretching my neck to the back and pushing my chest up.


“That was a nice show Kath. You nailed it once again. ”
The managers says as I walk out of the room after dancing for straight two hours.

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I keep staring at Quinn and I still can’t make out what it is that he doing here.
I mean he’s never the one to come to places like this or could it he that I was mistaken about him all along.

Towards the end of the show, I couldn’t find him anymore so he must have left.

“I’m glad they enjoyed it. ”
I smile at manager who smiles at me

“They would always enjoy seeing you dance, that’s why you are my best stripper. ”
I chuckle before I nod and start walking towards the changing room.

“Hey, was I just daydreaming or I really see you boss in there? ”
Carly says as she walks from behind me and I turn to her, sighing. I didn’t thought she saw him either.
I thought I was the only be that saw that.
I’m glad I wasn’t hallucinating or something. I thought I was when I couldn’t find him in there anymore.

“Exact same thing happened to me. I don’t know why he’s here though. ”
I shrug and I stare at the door to make sure that it’s locked before pulling off the strip cloth and grabbing my normal house wears from the bag that Carly brought in for me.

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“I didn’t thought he fancy things like this. I guess I now have a way to make him mine. ”
She smirks and I roll my eyes at her before putting on the short red dress that she brought for me.

Just as I’m about to remove the mask, a knock comes to the door and we both look at each other, wondering who is there before Carly walks over to the door and open it as my eyes meets with somebody never thought could be the one knocking.