September 25, 2023

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Living With Mr Arrogant. Episode16

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 16.



My mouth hangs open as I watch Quinn walks in with manager trailing behind him.
What is he doing here?

Could it be that he now knows? Could manager have told him who I am behind the mask and what I have been doing.
That I am a stripper?
That I have been working as a stripper?
What would he do to me now?
Would he fire me?

Many scenarios plays through my mind as I hope that this doesn’t result in what I’m thinking right now.
He can’t fire me! He can’t!
The pay I’m getting from the job is really good and I still have lots of loans to lay it many people I’m owing.
I can’t be cut off from the job. I can’t.

I start panicking as I shift uncomfortably between my legs as he walk in while Carly mouth hangs open.
She mustn’t have believed that he’s here.

Even, I can’t believe that he’s here but he’s really here.
He is.. Really here and to do what exactly is what’s getting me anxious.

My gaze darts to manager who smiles at me before I shoot him a glare.
How dare he tries to smile at me after what he had some? After how he had exposed me? I can’t believe this right now!
He must be joking with me if he thinks that I’m happy with what he has done.

“Okay. Mr Klein here is here to talk to you, miss. ”
Miss? Does that means that Quinn doesn’t know that it’s me. What could he have to talk to me about?
Many thoughts are running through my mind and I’m getting so nervous, not to talk of anxious.

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“Um, okay. I have some few minutes to spare before I have to leave. ”
I notice that he’s staring at me but I refuse to look at him.
What if he recognizes me then?

“Okay well. Quinn, go ahead. That’s your girl. You can say whatever it is you want to say now but please don’t delay her. ”
I smile at manager and Carly smirks at me.
I silently plead with my boss that she should stay with eyes but she winks at me and walk away.
That betrayer!

“I saw the way you danced tonight and I must say that you’re really a good stripper. ”
He says and I smile before nodding.
So that was why he was staring at me earlier.

“Thank you very much. ”
I smile. Remember Kathryn, he doesn’t know that it’s you. Don’t ruin it!
I scream mentally within myself.

“Okay. I came here to make you a offer and since you’re gonna be leaving soon. I’m gonna be fast aboit it so let’s not waste each other time please.
I need you to stay with me for just fourteen days. ”

My eyes wide before I let out a scoff. Does he thinks I’m a whore it something?
This is unbelievable!
I never expected something like this from him.
Guess a book shouldn’t be judge by its cover.

“I feel abused about that. Please, don’t say things like that again or I might get angry. ”
I groan and he stares at me confused before his expression changes.

“Oh. Sorry if that was how the sentence pointed out. That wasn’t what I meant, I don’t need your service to warm my bed or anything like that.
I just merely need you to stay with me for just fourteen days and pretend like you’re my fiancee. I’m gonna pay you. ”

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He wants me at his place? For fourteen days?