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Three Month Stay With Mr. Popupar. Episode 16

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot }

Episode 16

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I glared at kayden, who was smiling sheepishly. What the hell is goin’ on in his mind right now? .
The crowds noise became unbearable .

“Guys! ” He shut them up. ” Let me call her here. ” He said and he walked closer to my seat

What’s he thinking right now?

“Just keep quiet and feign a smile. ” He grinned as he stretched his hand towards me.

Another acting?
I placed my hand on his hand and we walked to the stage. The sight of the huge crowds made my heart to thumped fast.

“Guys… ” he called through the mic.

“She’s my girlfriend but we don’t want to share our kiss like this. But let me introduce her to you, her name is Riele, she is the one behind my smile and my happiness …….”

What the f**k is this guy talking about right now?

“I love You so much baby. “He cooed through the mic and he drew me closer to himself.

The crowds all chorused.

Are they really falling for his fake act?.

I glared at him and I noticed the smirking smile on his lips .
Jeez! He’s so irritating .

“Wow! Wow! Give it up for this newest and latest couple in town. #Kayden_vs_Riele. ” The Mc said and the crowds started cheering.

kayden walked me away from the stage with his hand glued to my bare waist. I’ll admit it but his hand was so soft and cold .

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His bare touch on my waist sent shivers to my system and spine.

He removed his hand from my waist when we got to the table, he dusted his hand before he walked to his seat.

am I a disease or what?

This guy is so full of himself.

I groaned as I sat down on my seat, frustration and anger was boiling in my blood. Am I a toy he can use to cover his fame, huh?


“That was a good act. ” Nolan whispered to me.

“Huh? ” I turned to him.

“C’mon, you don’t have to be angry because of what he did, I know that he was just faking everything he said earlier. ” He whispered with a smile.

So he also knew! I really felt embarrassed that I had to stood up from my seat . I stormed out of the hall, I went into the toilet to pour out my frustration.

“whatever I said on the stage was a lie and don’t let it get into your brain….”

I also knew that it means nothing to you so why are you telling me.

“You mean nothing to me and you are just a thing to me. “He said bluntly.

I directed my gaze to him but he wasn’t sparing my side a glance.

I can’t believe that he called me a thing. This guy is so full of himself and it makes me to hate him more.


Dylan’s Pov

“How would that bitch be Kay’s girlfriend? “Kyla growled as she threw her bag on the bed.

“What’s wrong ?” I asked her I slid my feet outta my shoe.

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“What the f**k did you mean by that huh? How would he date that bitch when you confessed your feelings to him ” she snarled and she raised up her hands in anger.

“Why can’t he date her? ” I furrowed a brow

“for Molly sake, will you wake up your f**king head huh? Don’t you get it, he ditched you because of that bitch…. ”

“Kyla! He didn’t ditched me. ” I corrected her.

“He didn’t ditched you but he rejected your proposal. ”

“He did that because He don’t love me. ”

“Dylan, stop acting like a dummy .so don’t tell me that you wants to give up on the guy you loved. ” She asked bluntly

“What did you want me to do? He has already rejected me. ”

“There is more you can do to win his heart! ”