March 29, 2023

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Trillionaire Surrogate. Chapter 14

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Trillionaire Surrogate.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 14

Angela’s POV

I woke up inside Cynthia’s room, she was the one that aided me from sleeping at the open hub yesterday. The room was so disorganized just like she had said but it’s still manageable.

I planned on staying here for a while till I get a good job and afford living on my own.

The door creaked open and Cynthia entered.

” how was your night?”

“Not bad! Thanks for the accommodation.”

“Some men are outside, they want to see you.”

“Men? I’m new in this city and I’m not expecting anyone, you can tell them to leave.” I said.

“They mentioned your name, they said Jason sent them.” She said and I stood.

Could it be Sam and Dan? How in the world did they get to know where I am.

I walked out and saw them beside their parked car in front of the house.

I walked to meet them.

“Angela, how are you?” Sam asked smiling.

That is strange, this men has never never smiled at me. I start to imagine what could be going on but I kept mute hoping they say whatever they have come to say.

“Well…did you help us to see the boss? I mean Jason?”

“I don’t get you, is he lost?”

Sam looked at Dan. “Well, not like that, I think he is kidnapped so we suspected you.” Dan said.

“You suspected me, like seriously? You two were suppose to protect him, you failed and now suspecting me?” I snickered. “You guys must be joking, so Jason is with me, right?”

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“Not like that, we were surprised not to see him at his room this morning…I guess he is not with you.” Sam said.

“Of course not, but how do you guys get to know where I am?”

Dan giggled. “Don’t worry about that, what is most important now is how to get boss back from the enemy, we need to be fast.”

“That should be your own problem not mine, after all , both of you worked your ways into firing me for what I know nothing about ”

“Forget that and help Jason, I know you like him, he will pay you handsomely if you help save him.”

“You guys think everything is money! Excuse me” I said and walked away.