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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 10

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Bad Boy Romance

Episode 10

Payton’s POV

” See I’m not ready for your trash, I’m very hungry and I know only one maid in this house so go and prepare something for me” he ordered

” I can protest this but I’ll not because it’s my duty and every perfect woman’s duty is like a command to her” I said as I smirked at him before heading towards the kitchen.A smile formed on my face knowing he is about to fall into my wrath

I picked out the necessary stuffs and prepared something I know would surely be tempting for him. After preparing the food a sprinkled a little of my weapon into the food and went ahead and served him. He was watching the TV which I don’t know if that’s the only thing he knows how to do or if he is just lazy.

” I’m done, you can decide to eat or not . I’m going to my room, you can call me if you you are done” I said and went upstairs.

Brody’s POV

I realized Miss political money was serving the dish but I stayed in the couch watching TV because I didn’t want her to think I’m too eager to eat her food . After I was sure she left I fled towards the table because I was very famished and my stomach couldn’t hold it any longer. I sat down and OMG my best food Pasta but wait how did she know I love that? Maybe mom told her everything, but why would she even try to prepare something I love? I don’t know all this but what I’m very sure about is my stomach wants to be filled with this pasta even if it tastes like puke.

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I took my fork and knife and started munching on the food. After I finished the food, I drank water and I went back to watch the TV.

I started feeling dizzy after some seconds passed and just then I don’t know what happened again.

Payton’s POV

I continued reading my book until it dawned on me my plan should be working at this moment. I went downstairs and OMG I could pay a million dollars just to watch this show in front of me, I brought out my phone and captured him as he was dancing like someone possessed to the music being played from the TV. He was twerking and whining his waist exactly as the ladies were doing in the TV. Just then the worst happened, I couldn’t believe it when he removed his clothes until he was left in just his shorts. I sighed in release of tension after realizing he will not strip himself naked. I videoed him until the music stopped and he slumped into his couch and drifted off to sleep. I smiled devilishly and went into my room .

Tommorow is going to be the worst day for this guy, he is going to get the best surprise of his life.

Brody’s POV

Waking up from a deep slumber I had a slight headache and I jerked up after noticing I slept off in the living room, this was unlike me but I brushed it off after recalling how I felt dizzy yesterday. I couldn’t remember what happened afterwards, but why I’m I only in my shorts? I checked my time and I was late for school so I rushed into my room and freshened up as I headed to school.

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I parked my car at the parking lot as I saw many students still outside watching something on their phones. I watched the time again and I realized I was able to get the before lessons start. I came down from the car and walked majestically towards the school building. I was surprised as I saw students laughing and pointing at me while watching something on their Phones. I wanted to ignore them but I the laughter was too much for my ego.

” Stop it!!” I yelled

” What is it, huh why are you all laughing?” I asked as they all started laughing again making me look like a fool , for a minute I even thought they were all mad but this was more than that. Just then I saw Cooper racing towards me, he got to me and held my wrist pulling me to heaven knows where.

” What is it man, is today school laughter day” I asked

” Just follow me” he said as he pulled me until we got to a secluded place.

” Man you are in a big mess” he said as I looked at him surprised

” What are you talking about?” I asked

” Just watched this” he said and did something on his phone before handing it to me

I opened my mouth in astonishment and shame watching the abomination in front of me.