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Bad Boy Romance. Chapter 5

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Bad Boy Romance


Chapter 5


Payton’s POV

I leaned on the wall in the empty class waiting for Broody and Cooper

After few minutes of waiting , I was weary and I walked out of the class, just then, I saw them coming towards me

“Hey , Have it” Broody said as he approached me with the ice cream

“Thanks” I said , smiled as I collected from him

I was about to start licking it when Broody stopped me

“Stop! ” He shouted and I was force to jerk a little then looked at him

“Today is Ice cream festival, you can’t drink it here , take the ice cream with you to the midst of student ” He advised

“Oh…but is that really necessary ? I asked

” of course it is , you don’t wanna miss today’s festival , it’s always once a year ” he replied and I nodded

I hesitated for a while then followed them to the crowds of students scattered across the field at the center of the school

“Tell me more about the festival ?” I asked

“Start licking your ice cream first , I’ll tell you ” Broody replied and I noded

I began to lick the ice cream staring around happily

My eyes start to faint all or a sudden, I can’t see people clearly, my legs are heavy and my visions are blurry

I began to feel so tipsy , like a drunk woman, I began to stagger around and saying what I can’t grab

What’s going on with me ?

Broody’s POV

Cooper and I were surprised to see her in school that day, we planned on how to really hurt her this time , our first plan was to deceive her to follow us to the ice cream joint where we will disgrace her in front of everyone but when she insist that we get her the ice cream, we formulated another plan which is to drug the ice cream

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I stopped her from licking the ice cream when we were outside the class because I do not want her to start behaving like a drunk man in a place where no one will see her and make mockery of her

She foolishly followed us to the midst of crowd , drank the drugged ice cream and now misbehaving

I was so happy seeing her misbehaving , crowds were watching her as she staggers around uttering nonsense

We were laughing , so was everyone at the display of her drunkenness

“She will learn to respect people like us next time ” Cooper said

“I’m sure that once she recovers from her drunken state , she will sense that we did that for her and surely begin to adore us like gods ” I said and Cooper and I bursted into a boastful sarcastic laugh

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