September 25, 2023

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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 17

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 17.



How am I to stay at my boss place for whole fourteen days without him knowing the woman behind this mask and how the hell am I gonna tolerate him for fourteen days.
We still hate each other and I have not for once ever forgotten about that.
How the hell should I even stay in his house for fourteen days without trying to kill each other? For my guess, he hates me now that I did what I did after he saved me from that kidnapping and how am I to secure my job if he knows that I’m his employee?

“I.. I.. Um, I.. ”
I start stammering and he chuckles his dimples popping out while I look away from him.

“Well, I’m gonna give you some time to think about it but I won’t give forever, the time I can give us two days, after two days. I will be back here for your response, thanks for your attention. ”
He says again while I nod and he walk away, leaving me alone in my own jumbled thoughts.


“So what you are trying to tell me now is that he wants you to stay at his place for fourteen days and he isn’t trying to f**k you or anything but he just wants you there and you’re gonna be paid? ”
Carly turns to me, her brows raised and I nod while she chuckles befure turning back to the car.

“That’s f****ng great. Why are you not jumping at the offer yet, let’s not forget you need money like sh*t. ”
She grins and I sigh, nodding.
“I don’t want to take up the job then ending up loosing the job at his office. Remember I told you that I have to keep both jobs and I don’t think Quinn would be so pleased to find out who I am behind the mask.
If he finds out that I have been working as a stripper while working for him, he would fire me and since he hates me anyways, he wouldn’t give me that job. ”
I groan again. Damn! This is so f**ked up.
I don’t even know what to do and what not to.

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“Well, it’s your life, right? Why would he fire you? ”
She says and I sigh, she still doesn’t get this thing.

“He has some rules and policies. None of his workers should be found along something petty for anytime can his buiness deals encounter us. If we are found doing something that would affect him one way or the other, he fires and you know I’m getting a good pay at this job. I can’t lose it. ”
I shake my head and she sighs.

“Well, that’s another thing but I have a suggestion after all. Why don’t you just go to work and stay at his place at the same time. Just always find some excuses to leave then you go to work. That’s the best idea and trust me that you will like it when you start. ”
She grins before increasing the speed and I shake my head.
This is a disaster! A damn disaster!