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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 18

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

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Episode 18.



I shake my head as we both enter the house and I walk to the my room, dropping on it and sighing.
I have to pay the bank soon by next month or they have threatened to take this matter to the police and I’m sure that if they do, I’m gonna lose miserably and I’m gonna go to jail for having a debt and refusing to pay, even though that’s not what I’m trying to do.
Then there’s Vladimir, Carly was right when she said that he wouldn’t just stay put.
Humans like that don’t just stay put.
I’m sure that after the day, he would still come back here to kidnap me and this time, I either give him his money or I do whatsoever he wants which is something I will never do and Quinn wouldn’t be there to save me either.
He did say he wouldn’t even spare me another glance if I had been in trouble.

I sigh before standing up and walking around the room.
Also, thee are some other people, people with higher position than Vladimir and they have very scary that I haven’t been able to pay their money.
What will I do?
They will all get loose and will all be after me if I don’t pay then sooner.

What Quinn is trying to offer is good. A real good choice for me but what’s the assurance that he’s gonna allow me to stay still after learning who I am and what’s the assurance that he wouldn’t fire me after seeing who is behind the mask.

“You are saying Kath is the one behind the mask”
My mouth hangs open as I stare at my friend, Bryan who nods at me, confirming his words once more.

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“But you can’t tell her. The only reason she’s afraid of taking up this offer is because she’s scared you will know who she is and you will give fire her and considering the fact that you hate her also. ”
He says and I nod in confirmation.
Oh I hate her. I do hate her and most of the times, she makes me feel so angry that I feel like killing her.

She’s so stubborn and so damn headstrong! She doesn’t listen and always finding pleasure in doing things her own way as if she’s the boss of me.

She’s ungrateful and when you hell her, she finds it so hard to say thank you instead she starts hrowing insults.
I really did regretted saving her that day, I should have just let them take her away and do whatever they want with her.

“Well, you can’t fire her first of all cause I know that’s what gonna come to your mind at this moment but you can’t fire her. She really needs every pay the can get, she really needs it. You might not know this but she’s a good woman if you try not to hate her every time and she does her job well also.
She’s gonna be the best for what you need her to do and if you want her to go, you have to save her. “