November 29, 2023

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His Signature. Episode 12

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………… Episode 12……….

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov????
Tears filled my eyes as I watched them engage in a hot kiss and went back to their love making.

I didn’t know why my heart was hurting and I felt like I’ve been betrayed.

I couldn’t control myself, I walked away from the door without making any sound… Then I ran to my room and fell on my bed shedding tears.

Why does this hurt so bad??
Just seeing ’em together got me shattered inside.
Or did I see wrong, Am I hallucinating?

I couldn’t stop sobbing.

Oh, Rachel!
Its not like you two are dating. Get a grip!

I sat up and reached for a box of tissue on my drawer. I brought out a piece and wiped the edges of my eyes. That didn’t do. I took some more wiping my face completely.

I dragged my feet up to the bathroom and went into the bathtub and had a not so soapy bath.

When I was done, I wiped my body with my towel and quickly wore my clothes.

I packed up my belongings including my shoes and dresses.
Yea, am leaving.
I can’t bare watching Alex stay happily with his lover while I bury my not so sure feelings for him.

This hurts so much!

My eye lids were heavy. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the bed with the duvet covering me.

I slept for hours till I heard the sound of a car engine driving into the mansion.

I sat up slowly rubbing my eyes.

Who could be here?
Or is it Alex’s girlfriend’s car driving out??

I get curious easily so I stood up and left the room. I walked to the living room and stood behind a wall (my usual hiding place). I watched a guy that I bet is Alex’s agemate sit on one of the sofas.

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“Get me scotch. “He said to one of the maids who obeyed immediately.

Who is this guy?
Could he be Alex’s twin. He’s just too cute.

After a while, Alex walked down from the stairs and joined the guy ruffling his hair.
Alex wore a tank top and blue shorts…

“D*ckhead. “The guy said and drank from the cup in his hands.

Alex chuckled but just a little.

“Don’t make me tell on you. “Alex said.

“You wish. Heard what’s going on from Ariana. “He said.

“Gossip doesn’t fit you Murphy. Learn to maintain your decorum. “Alex said with an eye roll.

“I don’t care. Ariana told me you showed up with a really innocent sweet looking girl at her evening party. So, tell me who’s she? “The guy now known to be Murphy asked.

I strained my ear further So I could hear Alex’s response loud and clear.

“… She’s one of my workers at my companies.. Vogue Blows. She came here to get my signature for some project. “Alex replied still wearing a happy look.

“How’s June? “Murphy asked.

“Why don’t you ask her… “Alex said wearing a creepy smile.

“I smell fun. What happened…? “Murphy asked.

“Rachel! “I heard Maria yell my name and I was startled and jerked up.

I lifted my head to see I was now in the living room.

The two guys stared at me shocked.
Murphy wore a look I couldn’t explain.

I stood erect feeling really inconvenient et the moment.

“Rachel… “Alex said staring at me.

“Ugh… Hi. “I muttered really nervous.

????Alex’s pov ????
Rachel stood before us looking so bashful. I should have known she was snooping like always.

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“Huh, so she’s the girl Ariana was talking about. One things for sure, she looks innocent. “Murphy said.

I sighed and placed my hand on my temple rubbing it softly.

“So, Rachel, are you busy? “Murphy asked and I looked up at him… Watching Rachel’s reaction.

“Nope. “Rachel muttered.

“Good. I was thinking if you would love to crash at a bar with me. “He offered.

Wait a minute, why is Murphy trying to have a go with her?
Does he seem to like her already??

A smile crept on her face.

“Sure. “She said.

I rolled my eyes and looked away.

“Well, let’s go. “Murphy said.

He got up on his feet and took her arm.

“Let’s go get our thirst quenched. See you later nigga. “He said and winked at me.

“Be careful dude, she’s pregnant… “I said out of jealousy.

“Really?? “Murphy asked her suprised.

“No, he’s just kidding… Let’s go have fun. “She said pathetically.

Murphy hesitated a bit but they left afterwards.

Am suddenly Jealous.