March 31, 2023

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Crazy Oppas. Episode 22

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 22

(She’s a troublemaker pt2)

Nam Woo tip toed with caution towards his room as if on thin ice and quickly shut the door before anyone noticed..

‘Hiding from someone??’..He heard jolted only to see Shin seated by his computer system..

‘What the hell Shin?? And what are you doing in my room??’..He asked and Shin made a grunt..

‘You should know why I’m here Nam’..

‘Look Shin i was never involved in all this! I never knew Jennie Kim would win?? You know i also don’t like her!!’..Nam quickly defended..

‘Yeah but she’s here isn’t she?? Nam she has 24 hours to leave unless all hell would break loose!!’..Shin Woo threatened and his brother scoffed loudly..

‘Or else what Shin
Woo?? You’re gonna punch me?? Or hit me?? Please get out of my room and please don’t ever come in again cause if you—

His voice was cut short as soon as Jennie Kim’s voice spiraled through the walls of the house .



‘Hot water?? I never wanted hot water?? What is wrong with you?!!’..Jennie yelled at Min Ah who in return pretended to be sorry..

‘Bianne Miss Jennie,Bianeyho’..

‘You incompetent wench!! You dirty thing!! You disgusting maid!! You almost spoiled my beauty with your carelessness!! I mean the Woo’s have never brought someone as stupid as you here before?!!’..Jennie kept on yelling and Shin Woo from afar just felt the urge to drag her across the wall but unfortunately he doesn’t hit women..

Just few hours and she’s making trouble already..

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‘Bianeyho’..Min muttered already getting really emotional from the insults hurled at her..

‘Sorry for yourself!! You wouldn’t understand why I’m angry right now cause you’re ugly!!’..Jennie barked and shin Woo almost laughed..


Anyone who would call the maid ugly was definitely a blind Barthemius…

‘I am..

‘Jennie that’s enough!!”..Nam came in to the rescue before any damage was done..

Now he believes his brother 100%..

Jennie Kim is a troublemaker and is clearly jealous of the maid..