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His Signature. Episode 15

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………. Episode 15……

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov ????
I ran to my room and took hold of my luggage dragging it out. I left the mansion with tears in my eyes.

I was so glad no maid saw me in this condition – crying cause of Alex.

He’s hurt me alot and I just wanna be home in my room licking ice cream.

I stood at the gate of the mansion waiting for a taxi to pass by so I could stop it and enter.

I waited for minutes but just private cars passed drop by drop.
Huh, why does Alex have to live in a retarded lonely area.

The sun was scotching and of course beginning to hurt my skin.

I couldn’t call any of my colleagues at work cause I was using a new phone and it had just Alex’s number in it.

After an hour, I went crazy.

Hopefully, the gate of the mansion opened and a car drove out. It stopped in front of me.

The tinted glass went down and I saw a man in black suit.

“Boss orders, get in, I’ll drop you off. “He said not looking at me.

I rolled my eyes.
Why does Alex care?

I thought am a thief, didn’t he think of me stealing his car…

“Don’t bother. “I said waving him off.

“Don’t be stubborn miss. Mr Alex has never done this for anyone. “He said.

“Just let me be sir, I’ll find my way. “I said with a scornful look and began pulling my luggage with me as I walked away.

This sun is heartless…
My face itchies and its pricking my beautiful skin.

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I don’t want anything from Alex.
In fact, am going to destroy this phone after I get payed and buy a new one. I won’t get rid of it now, am still broke.

I’ve not walked far enough when a car with so much speed and screeching sounds drove before me and stopped.

Is this guard deaf or what…

I went to the glass and tapped on it angrily.

“Stop following… “I was saying when the glass went down and I saw Alex on the driver’s seat holding onto the sterling.

“Get in. “He said looking at me.

My heart melted and I felt butterflies in my tummy. I really couldn’t help it.
But my mouth is speaking a different language.

“It’s not a law that you must help me, is it?! “I said sounding angry and began walking again.

“Stop being stubborn Rachel. “He half yelled following me with his car.

I didn’t stop, I kept walking.
I love this.

I felt someone hold me and I turned to see Alex. He took my luggage and pulled me to his car.
I pretended to be grumpy and looked fine on my own but he wasn’t buying it.

We got into the car and he began driving.

“Am sorry. I shouldn’t have called you a thief… Here’s your hairpin. “He muttered and gave it to me.

I smiled.

“I told you I lost it but you didn’t believe me. You deserve a slap Alex. “I said but then closed my mouth with both my palms.

I gotta pull it together.

He chuckled.
He had a cute smile and I couldn’t stop looking at him But he frowned when he noticed I was staring.

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“Rachel, let’s talk about you. “He said after a brief silence.

“Uh.. Okay. “I said not audibly.

“Who is the father of your baby? “He asked.


Why does he want to know?

I have to make up something fast.

“Alfred. “I muttered.

Damn it! That was the only name that came to my mind and it sucks.

“Alfred? Guess you’re into ‘A’ guys. “He said.


“Why do you say that? Who’s into you? “I asked him.

“Uh… Forget about that. “He stutters.
“So, what does this Alfred do? ”

I can’t help but keep lying.

“He’s a soldier. So muscular and handsome. The most awesome sexy man I’ve ever seen. “I stated.

I’ve always dreamt of marrying a soldier who’s so brave and has breathtaking beauty.

I looked at Alex to see he was looking at me… With jealous eyes.

“Soldier huh? “He muttered. “Where’s he right now? ”

Oh God..

“He’s dead. ”

“He’s dead?! “Alex asked.

I nodded.
“Died in… A cold exchange of fire. “I said.

“If he died like that then I think he’s a weakling and not as strong as you claim. “He said.

Oh, this man just insulted my non existing boyfriend.

“How dare you?! “I yelled and almost hit him on his head.

“Alfred died cause he took a bullet for his Commander. “I half yelled.

“Okay, calm down mama bear. “He said.
I felt bashful and faced the window.

Let’s get to my house already.
I told Alex to stop me somewhere a bit far from my house. I don’t want him to know where I live.

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He opened the car door for me and I alit. He held my luggage for me but I took it from him.

“Don’t worry sir, you can go now. “I said.

He stayed put.
“I don’t mind, okay. Which one is your house? “He asked.

My mouth dropped.

I looked at my neighbors houses, which one do I use to get rid of Alex.
I don’t seldom talk to any of them, I stay on my own.

“Uh… That one. “I said pointing an old lady’s house.

I heard her sons are extremely wealthy.

“Good. Go in. “He said.

I looked back at the door and looked at him.

“Uh.. This is my second home. Let’s go to my first home. “I stuttered and returned back to the car.

He looked at me strangely but I just ignored his gaze and entered the car.

Hew! That was close.