October 3, 2022

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His Signature. Episode 16

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………… Episode 16………

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov????
Alex got back into the car and began driving down the block. I asked him to stop in front of my house and he did.

We both got down and approached my house.

“Are you going to follow me in? “I asked staring at him.

“Of course I will. Won’t you offer me anything? “He asked.

Oh, my bad!
Where am I manners this days?
He must need ten thousand cup of coffee to replenish the energy he lost on just sitting by the sterling .. Some men are so lazy.

“What are you thinking? “He asked jolting me back to reality.

I smiled broadly as I got my keys and unlocked the door. I walked in with my luggage and left it by the side.

“Coffee or juice? “I asked Alex who was walking behind me.

“Got any wine or whiskey? “He asked

I chuckled a bit as I stood by my kitchen table.

“Orange juice won’t hurt Alex. “I said heading to the fridge.

I opened it and got the Juice box out. I took two glass and dropped them on the kitchen table. Alex came over and sat on one of the long stools facing the kitchen table.

I poured some for him and a little more for me.

I took mine and drank a big gulp.

We were both quiet now. I looked at his pretty face while he looked around my house.

“So small right? “I asked.

“Uh.. No, its fine the way it is. Just right for a woman alone. “He said.

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I smiled as I stared down nervously at my cup.
I can’t believe I love him so much though I barely know him.
I’ve humbled myself and accepted the hard truth that am head over heels for Alex.

I have that stinging feeling that he loves me back but why? Why did he cheat when he really loved me.

I’ll never forget that image and I feel like that image tells me that there is no future with Alex; he’s taken.

Besides, he’s gonna leave soon. Will I ever see him again?

I looked up and couldn’t see Alex. Where did he go?

I went to the living room and saw him walking into the house.

“I was looking for you? “I muttered.

He smiled a bit.
“I went to my car to get my check book. “He murmured.

He sat on the couch and I sat with him. He passed a paper to me.

“This’s for you Rachel. Use it for the baby and other stuff. “He said looking a bit sad.

I couldn’t take the paper. I felt like there’s something else bugging him.

“What’s wrong Alex? “I asked him.

He looked at me and exhaled.
“Am just going to miss you. “He muttered but I heard him for sure.

He’s gonna miss me?
I felt really excited inside. I can’t leave him.

I drew close to him and took his lips into mine.

Especially to Alex who cheated right before my eyes.

I didn’t want him to stop, I liked it alot but the risks.

What’s gonna happen after we do this.
He’ll kick me aside.

He came back up to me. I looked at him

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“Stop. Please stop.. “I sang in my mind as I held onto him.

I can’t bring myself to tell him.
A, he might cheat on me.
B, he’s gonna find out am a virgin and know I ain’t pregnant at all.

I just prays he loves me back after this.

Oh, am so careless.

“Rachel.. “I heard Alex call.

I was still taking in the pain.

“Rachel, I love you. ”

What, did Alex just say that?