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My V Bride. Chapter 3

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My V. Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 3

Fred’s POV

My mouth dropped in awe. I couldn’t speak for few seconds. What sort of woman have I married.

“Okay…take it easy. Can you hand over the needle and thread to me?” I asked.

She adjusted back and looked into my eyes pityully. “Are you…did you want to help me sew it?”

I sighed. “Just hand it over to me, trust me, I won’t hurt you.”

She starred at the needle and thread in her hands for few seconds before handling it to me.

“Good of you dear, erm…step out of the bathroom.” I asked softly and she made a move of walking out.

I held her hand and helped her walk out.

“Don’t worry about us making love this night, let’s just sleep.” I said and she nodded lightly.

We both fell to the bed and in few seconds, she seems to have slept off.

I turned to the other side of the bed in frustration. What sort of nonsense is this one?

Have I married a woman or a baby cause she’s behaving childish.

This is really surprising cause many times, we had talked about how our marriage will look like.

She even promised me that she will be a bad girl for me on bed but it’s so dissapointing seeing her actions towards s*x this night.

I couldn’t even sleep, I was just tossing to and fro the bed.

Following Morning!

I woke her up from the bed. “It’s 6AM already, you should start preparing for work.”

She nodded and stood. “Good morning Love.” She said as she went to the bathroom.

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We had agree that she will be the one to do all the work to foot the bill while I stay at home and cook. I really love cooking.

I went to the kitchen and start to cook for her, I helped her set her food on the table.

About thirty minutes later, she walked out of her room fully dressed and ready for work.

“Is my food ready?” She asked as she walked towards me with her heels.

“Sure.” I said and she walked to the dinning.

She start to eat while I watch her affectionately. We are new couples and our love is fresh.

“This food is peppering!” She said.


“Yeah…fry a chicken for me quick.” She said as she pushed the food to a side of the table.

I ran and hurriedly went to start frying chicken for her.

I brought it to her in few minutes. I didn’t want her to get late to work and I need her to eat well also.

She took a bite of the chicken and paused. “It’s salty…you know what! Take care of yourself.” She said as she stood.

“Erm…won’t you hug me before you leave?” I asked.

“We don’t hug in our families…” She said and walked away.