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My V Bride. Chapter 62

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 62

Fred’s POV

“What in the world will I use $5 to do?” I asked Sonia.

“It’s what I can afford baby.” She replied calmly.

“What will $5 do? can’t even buy me a meal.” I said, I was angry.

This is an insult, why is she treating me this way?

I wanted to walk away but I realized I still needed the money.

“Add more.” I said, more like pleading.

She dïpped her hand inside her bag and gave me another $5

“This is just $10, give more like $50, more, please?” I begged

I was hungry that I had forgot my pride.

She then gave me $50.

As I walked out to get food, she said; “Fred, you won’t have to beg for money, if you start working.”

I did not reply her, I felt like my pride was wounded.

It’s not her fault, it’s because I did not have money.

Instead of going to get a food, I went to the club, As I entered, the blue light welcomed me.

I wasn’t ready to go back to that house today, I watched and saw a decent lady sitting alone with a black spec on her face.

Could she be waiting for someone or I could just hook up with her?

I walked to her nevertheless and sat beside her.

“Hello pretty.” I waved and she turned to me

She pressed her eye on me and removed her spec.

Her face was really familiar now that she removed her spec, my brain picked immediately.

She now looks more matured and beautiful, even her stature has changed. We dated for few months when we were in high school.

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“Fred!” She called and threw her arms around me.

We hugged.

We exchanged few conversations.

“I need to go back to America.” I expressed my deepest needs to her to see if she could help.

“I’ll be returning to America tomorrow too, should we leave together?”She asked.

” Yeah..I really do not have money to pay for the flight.” I was been truthful.

“I’ll foot it,I’ve really missed you.” She said and kïssed my lips briefly.

She had said she was waiting for her sister’s boyfriend.

“Let’s go and spend the night together, it’s not a big deal , is it?” She asked.

Sonia had already given me the freedom to make love to anyone I wish to.

“Not a big deal.” I replied and we both walked to a room