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My V Bride. Chapter 60

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 60

Fred’s POV

I brought Sonia’s bag to her and she collected it, she stared at the bag and looked at me.

“Not this one hubby, the one beside the red flower, get it for me.”She ordered like I’m some slave

Well, I’m the one in need of money here.

I went to get the second bag for her, she checked it and it seem to be the one she has money in.

She brought out two money and gave it to me, I collected it and saw that it was $200.

” I told you I needed $2,000, you are giving me $200….what sort of embarrassment is this?” I asked.

“Common Fred! It’s not easy to get money this days.” She said and I clapped my hand twice.

“Let me search the bag.” I requested. .

“That would be intuding into my privacy, baby, you should understand ” She said and I angrily threw the money at her.

I walked away angrily.

Few hours later, around 7PM in the evening, I was feeling hungry and there were no food in the house.

I felt like I should have held unto that $200.

I walked back shamefully to the living room and I saw Sonia entering the house, she must have gone out.

She was holding a polythene bag that had some stuffs in it.

She did not utter a word to me, she only went to the dinning.

She brought out what was inside and on opening it, I saw that it was food.

The food looked so delicious that I examined the polythene bag to see if she bought two but with the look of things, she bought only for herself.

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She brought out a spoon and began to eat, I was feeling hungry and here is my wife eating a delicious food.

I walked to her and sat before her.

“Sonia!” I called and she looked up at me.

“Baby!” She said as she swallowed more food.

“Such a delicious food.” I said as I salivated on the food.

“Thank you baby, I’m not willing to share it though.” She said.

“Common! Did I tell you I want to eat?” I said playfully but didn’t mean it.

I was hungry and wished that I was the one eating.

“Erm….the $200 I threw at you, where is it?” I asked.

“It was what I used to buy this.” She answered and ate more.