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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 56

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Daddy’s Girl.

(Getting Her Pregnant)

Episode 56

Chloe’s POV

I sat at the restaurant along side Ciara and Anna.

“I can’t believe Jace proposed to you, I would be so glad if he had proposed to me. ” Ciarra said.

“You are not serious Ciarra, she’s been serious here.” Anna said.

“Jace is so handsome, have you replied him?” Ciarra asked me.

“I don’t think I love Jace. Yes, he’s cute and he even saved me with his own life but I can’t love him out of pity ” I said.

“But you would be dead right now if not for him, you know what I think?” Ciarra asked.

“No…” I replied.

“Tell him YES, you guys can dive into a relationship. Not all relationship works out, it may not later work out and you can part ways then.” Ciarra said.

Before I could speak, she added. ” At least, you will know you have granted his only wish for saving your life.”

“That’s dangerous, what if I end up falling for him during the process?” I asked.

“Good for you then, if he’s meant for you, he will be for you otherwise, you will never fall in love with him even if you spend years together. ”

“But… What if he asked for s-*x? ” I questioned.

Ciarra was quiet. I turned to Anna who was just watching Ciarra and I exchange words.

“Well, I do not like Ciarra’s idea. He should ask for something else, how can he just tell you to marry him just because he saved you? So he can’t even help you liberally, speaks a lot about who he is. He is the type of guy that boast on every good things he has, the type of guy that will revenge on everyone that hurts him and the type of guy that will always want a payback for every good he does. He’s handsome but with his requests, I stopped liking him.” Anna said.

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I sighed.

“What do you guys advise I do?”

“Well… For me, I think you should reject it and tell him to ask for something else and that you will do it for him no matter what! Plus once he makes a request and you do it for him, that will be the end of your friendship. Cause I do not like the type of friend that would always want a payback for the good he does.” Anna said.

“Ciarra, what do you think?”

“Well…” She shrugged. “I think…you may do what Anna suggested, let’s see how it goes.


Chloe’s POV

-At the Hospital-

I sat beside Jace whose face is now looking cool unlike days before when his face was up like someone that would soon give up on life.

“The doctor told me you are improving.” i said to Jace.

“Ye…ye…yes!” He said almost silently.

“Sorry dear , take it easy. I’m glad you can now speak.” I consoled.

“Thank you.” His reply was so soft and silent.

I watched his cool and handsome face, I looked away. He was so tempting. I do not understand how Kian, Kaden, Kyle and Jace are just so handsome.

“Jace, concerning your request..erm…” I paused and looked into his eyes.

“I can’t say YES, I’m sorry. I already said YES to Kian, and with the look of things, you guys seems to know each other. I can not double date both of you.” I said

I watched him and after few seconds, tears were rolling down his cheek.

“I could have died.” He said.

“Yes, I know…you saved me and I’m so grateful. That’s why I’ve stayed with you all this while, you can ask for anything else…no matter what it is, I will do it for you.” I said.

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He did not speak for a while, he seems to be in deep thought.

“Okay…what If I ask this and you didn’t do it again.” He asked.

“No, no…it’s a promise, I don’t care what amount it is or whatever it is, just tell me, I vow to do it for you, to repay your act of kindness…” I said.

There was a brief moment of silence after which he spoke. “Since you can not marry me…Let me have a one ni-ght st-and with you.” He said and my heart shook in fear.

“Jace! You mean s*x? ” I asked.


Advice Chloe cause she has promised already.