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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 26

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 26

By: Blessing Arubuola.

Riele’s Pov

“What did you mean that you saw dad at the market? ” I asked with a crack voice.

“I’m serious riele, I was so shocked. ” She replied me.

My hand were already shaking.

“Riele, you don’t have be scared with what I told you and focus on Kay. Don’t think about dad or Mateo, just focus on taming Kay’s heart. If you need any help, you are free to call me. Bye for now. ” she cut the call.

I dropped the phone with a shaky hand. Why would dad appear now ? I thought he is gone for good.


Why is everything getting complicated? Amber is right, if I should continue like this, I’ll end up not achieving anything.

What am I going to do?

I need to think straight. I inhaled deeply before I went back to my room.I plonked myself to the bed and I started thinking about everything.

Tomorrow will surely be a worst day for me. We are going back to the concert.


I don’t even want to see that stupid guy called Mateo again!.

I don’t know why I even got myself stuck up with kayden! Everything is even making to feel pissed up.

I was still thinking about the whole when sleep overtook my innocent body.


The drive to the concert was just like the other days, quiet throughout the drive.

We got to the record label in no time and we both got down from the car.

I didn’t even bother to trail after him so I went to the hall on my own.

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I sat down at my usual place and I watched as all the contestant was Rehearsing on whatever they wanted to showcase.

All I did at time was just to watched all what they were doing.

I wasn’t even in the mood to watch their useless concert.

Ever since I saw Mateo among the contestant, it has been useless to me.

Talking of the devil, I saw Mateo with contestant number 1. He was starring at me like a goat!.

I scoffed and I took my eyes off him. Few minutes later, kayden came in with Nolan and Dylan.

Finally! They should start the goddamned contest so that I can leave this forsaken place.


The contest was a quick one, it wasn’t as long as the last one. The contestants were asked to take a break while the judges decide on the winner and the loser.

Perfect time for me to escape this eerie hall.

I stood up from my seat and I sneaked outside. I was about turning to a quiet passage when a hand gripped me.

I turned around only to see Mateo.

“What the f**k did you want from me right now huh? ” I taunted .

“I can’t even believe that you have gone so far with Kay that both of you were brave to kissed in the public. ” He said and I chuckled.

so he was there?

“I thought you were gone . Thank heavens that you saw it for yourself, now will you let me go or I’ll shout on you. ” I asked in a brusque manner.

“Riele, you’re taking my words for a joke! If I don’t win this contest, I’ll make sure that our pictures will be paste on the internet .” He grinned.

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my heart leapt. So he wasn’t here to mock but he came here to threaten me.

“Mateo, you dare not! if you try it, I’ll make sure you rot in jail. “I spat on his face.

“Is this why you’re here? ” I heard kayden’s voice behind us. We turned to faced him and I saw him gritting in anger.

Mateo was shocked to see Kay behind us.

“Answer me! ” He half yelled and I flinched.

“Sir, I was just……….. ”

“You nailed her at a corner for f**k sake. She is my girlfriend you this bastard! ” He yelled and he dragged him away from me.

“I’m sorry… ”

“Save it for yourself, let’s go. ” he dragged my hand and he started walking away.

“Kay, what about the result! ” Nolan yelled after him.

“It can wait . It is my contest and I will do whatever I like with it. ” I yelled and he dragged me inside the elevator that will convey us downstairs.

What’s wring with him?
He pressed the number on the elevator and it closed. We were already moving when the light turned off and the elevator stopped.


The elevator has stopped, am stuck with Kay!