March 22, 2023

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Trillionaire Surrogate. Chapter 19

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Trillionaire Surrogate.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 19

Three Days Later!

I was being driven home by Sam and Dan when a car suddenly double crossed us.

Sam halted the car. “Dan…check.” He said to Dan who was right beside him.

I was sitted at the back, right at the owners seat.

Don stepped down and suedenly groaned in pain as a bullet hit him.

Fear gripped my heart as I wondered who could have had the gut to doublecross us in day time

“Boss! Please lay down, I’ll handle this.” Sam said assuringly.

Sam stepped down and began to shoot. Whoever shot Don wasn’t shooting at Sam. His car just stayed still. Sam came out of hiding and ran towards the car.

He screamed too as a bullet hit him.

I’m doomed.

A hand threw a letter inside my car and on reading it, it says; ‘Drive off’

I went to the driver’s seat and drove off.

I do not understand what just happened. Why was Sam and Dan attacked and I was left unhurt?

Have they probably offend anyone?

As soon as I got home, I searched the house for Angela and found her.

“Angela! Sam and Dan has been kidnapped.” I lamented to her.

“You are welcome, Jason. You shouldn’t be concerned at all. They are meant to protect you and unfortunately, they can not protect themselves. ” Angela said.

“Not that way! They got attacked when they were trying to protect me. Could it Mike?” I asked.

“I have no idea.” Angela said as she leaned by the wall.

I was restless.

“I will help…let me go to the enemy’s camp again and check to see if they are responsible.” She said.

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“Okay…good. But be careful.” I said.

“Sure.” She replied and walked back to her room.

Angela’s POV

I do not know why Jason seems to care about this people, he should have let them deal mercilessly with them.

They never loved Jason and are only claiming to protect him cause of money.

If not for Jason, I wouldn’t have made an attempt of helping them.

After I had get dressed, I was about stepping out of my house when I received a message on my phone.

“Don’t make a mistake of coming here, you may be dead this time!” The message reads.

Jason appeared behind me. “Is anything the matter, Angela?” He asked.

“No.” I shook my head and headed to the enemy’s camp.