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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 28

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 28

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I glared at his brown eyes, my heart was beating really fast. I don’t what cane over him but he’s acting romantic to me.

His hand was so soft and warm around my waist. He put his lower lips in his mouth and he pouted it out again.

His grip on my waist became tighter, my stomach tighten up to his grip. With our eyes locked, he bought his head closer to mine.

He used one of his hand to caressed my face. I closed my eyes due to the feeling I was having. I could feel his breathe right on my face.

I could feel his lips getting closer to mine. Suddenly the light came back. I opened my eyes and I glared up.

I glared back at Kay who has already shifted from me. He stood up immediately and dusted his hands.


I stood up and I handed his jacket to him.

“The light is back.. ” He said with his face moved away from me.

The elevator opened and we saw Nolan, Dylan ,the contestant and half of the workers at the door.

“Kay, are you alright? ” Nolan asked as he moved closer to Kay.

“I’m fine, where the f**k is that manager huh? ” He asked gruffly.

Hmm. Was he not the guy that was acting cool and romantic to me few minutes ago?.

“Sir.. ” I heard a man stuttered answer.

“Why haven’t you change the machine? ” He asked him with his breathe coming out as a snort.

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“I totally forgot about.. ”

“But did you forgot the money I sent to your account? Did you know what? You’re fired! ” He stated before he walked away.

The manager fell down to floor and he started crying. What! Why would he do that!.

“Are you alright Riele? ” Nolan asked and I nodded my head.

“Uhm… Thanks but I think I gotta go now. Bye. ” I waved at him and I walked outta of the elevator.

I passed through the anxious people, I could saw how Mateo was grinning from ear to ear.
Is he not supposed to do that right! What he needs is prayer, his chance of staying in the competition is very low for me to think about.

I shakes my head and I walked away. I got outside and I saw kayden sitting on his seat in car. I sighed and I walked closer to the door, the security beside it quickly opened to Car door for me to enter.

“Uhm… Thanks for the jacket. ” I tried to appreciate but he ignored me.

“Let’s go. ” His icily commanding tone said to the driver .

What is wrong with him?
I thought his snobbish attitude has came down.

Such a weird human being!.


Dylan’s Pov
Jealousy consumed when I saw that it was Kay and Riele that stuck in the elevator. I can’t even imagine what would have happened between them.

The look on Kay face when he came out was a mixture of anger and confusion. But if Kay didn’t dragged Riele away, they won’t have been stuck in the elevator.

But why did Kay dragged her away when he saw her with Mateo?

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I’ve never seen Kay acted in such a manner. Well, it’s my first time of seeing him with a girl that he called his girlfriend.

Even if they are dating, Kay’s reaction back then showed that he was jealous. He was jealous of seeing his girlfriend with Mateo.

So strange!

When did they starts dating that he was already getting jealous?


Why did Mateo nailed Riele to the wall like that? They is something between both of them. I saw Mateo at the mall peeping at kay and Riele.

He was even the one that sent the boy to them.

What connect both them together. I need to know and am going to find out right now. I sighted Mateo among the workers, I walked to him.

“Follow me Now! ” I whispered to him and I left the elevator door.

I headed for the hall. It was quiet and empty since all the contestants were outside.

Few minutes later, he walked in with his hand dipped in his pocket.

“Did you know that you can get eliminated with what you did to Riele” I said to him brusquely.

“Uh! I don’t get. ” He frowned

“Yes ! you will have to explain why you were stalking on Riele and why you nailed her to the wall” I taunted with a smirk.

“What… Did… You mean? ” he stuttered nervously “I don’t know what you are talking about. ” He denied again.

“don’t try and deny my allegation. If you don’t tell what you had with Riele, I’ll make sure Kay eliminate you from this contest. ” I stated and I tried to leave.

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“Please wait !” He held my hand.

“What did you wanna say?”

“Please I don’t want to get eliminated from this contest. It means alot to be. ” He pleaded.

“If you truly valued this contest then you will have to answer my question. ” I scoffed.

“Fine, I’ll answer your question. I was the one you saw at the mall. I was stalking on Riele because… ” He suddenly paused.

“Because what? ” I asked him with my patience running out.

“Riele was my ex_girlfriend ” He dropped the bomb and my mouth fell.