September 26, 2022

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Trillionaire Surrogate. Chapter 20

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Trillionaire Surrogays.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 20

Angela’s POV

I didn’t drive to the enemies camp, I drove to a restaurant instead and ordered for a delicious food.

I ate it till I was satisfied.

I then brought out my phone and texted the same number that messages me.

“Why did you kidnap Sam and Dan?” I texted.

“They are nuisance, we need Jason to know he has no one he can rely on.” The reply came in immediately.

“What exactly did you want from Jason? For all I know, he only came to manage his father’s company.” I texted.

“There are many things you didn’t know. Plus…you seem not to be in his house, where are you?” The reply came through.

I was stunned. I looked around me. How did the person know that I was not in Jason’s house?

“Let Sam and Dan go.” I texted.

“It’s not for you to decide.” The reply came through.

“Then you want me to come there.” I threatened.

“We could have killed you the last time you came, you might not be lucky this time if you come. Don’t waste your life just cause of some guys.” The reply came through.

Sam and Dan are not really worth saving.

“Please stay where you are, I need to speak with you. I’ll join you.” The text came through.

How in the world did this people know where I am…Oh! They must be tracking me through my phone.

Well, I’m not sure they have a plan of killing me. I wonder what they are planning to use me to do.

But I’ll ensure that they never hurt Jason. He’s the father of my children.

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About forty minutes later when I was getting stranded of sitting, a man walked in.

On discerning who he was, I watched as he approached me.

He’s Mike. He’s the supposed leader of the enemy.

He came to sit before me without saying a word.

“Hi!” I greeted and he smiled instead.

“If it’s possible for me to help you recollect your memories, I will.” He said.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Are you here to talk about Jason or Sam and Dan? ” I asked.

“None.” He replied cutely. “It hurts that you are now pregnant, baby.” He said.

“I’m not your baby. I’m not understanding you.” I said.

“You won’t believe you use to be my lover ” He said as he placed his hand on mine. I removed my hand aggressively from his.

I don’t know him and here he is acting strangely.

I was told I had a memory loss but to be a lover with a criminal, never! It’s not possible.