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My V Bride. Chapter 7

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My V Bride.

Chapter 7

Written by Feathers.

Fred’s POV

– On Sunday-

I was now tired of Rose. I couldn’t stop thinking about her even as I prepare for church.

“Baby, I’m done….should I wait for you?” She asked.

“Sure, it doesn’t make sense for you to go before me neither does it make sense for you to go alone considering the fact that we are now couple.” I said from the bathroom.

“Fine, I’m waiting for you.” She said.

Few minutes later, I was also done dressing, she drove us to the church.

Sections went after sections, it was finally time for sermon by the pastor.

Just as I had desired in my heart, the pastor’s sermon focuses on marriage.

I hope that this pastor will say something that will make my wife change, something that will make her stop fainting anytime we want to make love.

To my surprise, the pastor’s sermon on marriage was the type that I had never heard before.

“You may be married, yet your wife doesn’t want to make love, please don’t force it.” Those were part of the words of the pastor.

What in the world is this pastor saying?

“Marriage is friendship, a companionship. It’s not all about making love with each other. I have a friend, his name is Ethan…till today he has never made love with his wife. That’s a man for you. So many people believes that every man loves to make love, of course not! You men! Don’t persuade your wives to make love just because you are married.” The pastor said and a great anger arose inside of me.

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What nonsense is this pastor saying? Is he normal at all. Did he want to tell me that he has never made love with his wife ever since he got married.

I tried to stand but Sonai pulled me down. I looked at her but her face was only concentrated on the pastor.

I tried to stand again but she pulled me down.

“Why are you not letting me stand?” I asked.

“So you can listen to the full sermonn.She asked and I sat akimbo frustraingly.

I’m not understanding both the pastor and my wife.

The pastor kept preaching and at some point, I angrily raised my hand.

The entire church set their eyes on me.

” Why is the hand raised?” The doctor asked and I stood.

“I want to ask a question.” I announced.

“Actually, we don’t allow question during sermon.* he said.

“You have to allow this, otherwise, I will stop coming to your church.” I threatened.

“Fine, ask then.” The pastor said calmly.

“Are you saying since the day you have been married with your wife, you have never made love?” I asked.

“Yes, Mr Fred. My wife can testify. See…it may not be what you want to hear but it’s the truth. I’m a doctor by profession and when people come for similar case, I tell them my own reality too. ” The man said and I was dumbfounded.

“It’s true, till today, my husband has never made love with me. I’ve accepted my fate until he is ready.” A woman I assumed to be the pastor’s wife said.

I sunk down to the chair.

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I looked at Sonia and I saw her smiling.

I’m in deep mess.

Who remember that doctor? ????