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My V Bride. Chapter 27

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V Bride.

Chapter 27

(Outside Sonia’s House)

Alfred’s POV

“Well, let’s just say I’m this kind of person that observes, my house is not far from here, though. ”

“Oh! Thanks for the kind gesture.” She said and I nodded. I stared inside her face sed–uctively.

She pretended like she did not notice and turned to walk inside.

“Excuse me!” I said and she turned to me.

“Not to disturb you but can I…help you cook?”

She smirked. “That’s kind of you but I get myself something to eat already. She replied and turned. she walked inside.

I sighed.

I’m glad we had a conversation.

I went to her car and made two of the tires flat, I went away to get another two new tyres ready at the hotel.

Following Morning!

It was around 7AM, I watched her from my window and I saw her walking round the car feeling frustrated.

She must be wondering how two of the tyres got flat.

I walked out of the hotel and took a stroll pass her house like I didn’t have the intention of coming to her place.

I walked back and greeted her, cause she didn’t see me the first time I pass.

” Hi!” She said and leaned on her car feeling frustrated.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“I’m fine.” She replied snubbishly and placed the phone on her ear.

“Can I get one your workers at my place this morning, my tyres are flat.” I heard her say to the phone.

“If I’m not pocknosing, seems your tyres are faulty…I think I can help.” I didn’t wait for her reply, I ran back inside the hotel.

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I carried the two new tyres and the instruments I could use to fix it with me.

I arrived back at her house and I could see an expression of shock mixed with gratitude on her face.

“Can I help you fix it, please?” I asked.

She hesitated for a while before speaking; “Yes”

I started exchanging the tires and in few minutes, I was done.

“I’m done.” I said as I dusted my hand.

she went to check and walked back to where I stood.

“I’m really grateful and I would not forget it.” She said with a beautiful smile.

“It’s nothing.” I replied.

“Are you a mechanic?” She asked.

“No…” I chukled. “A friend of mine is and since I visited him often then , I get to know few stuffs about repairing cars and it’s parts, that was about three years ago. ”

“Wow!” She was now smiling at me.