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V Bride. Chapter 26

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My V Bride.

Chapter 26

Fred’s POV

“So who’s taking on the work?” I asked my four friends willingly.

They all exchanged glances.

“I’ll do it.” Alfred said.

I looked at the rest and they all nodded in agreement.

Alfred’s POV

I’ve got a very limited time to work things out, Fred had said she told her she would be spending three days at the programme he went to.

I went ahead and rented an hotel beside the house, I booked just three days.

I had got few information about Sonia.

Very early in the morning, around 7AM, I watched from the window and saw Sonia drove out of her house. I had just confirmed the time she leaves for office.

According to Fred, Sonia come back home by 5PM in the evening and in most cases , he would have cooked for her.

She must be hungry by the time she arrived, I waited patiently till it was 5PM and I wasn’t surprised as I saw her car drove back inside her house.

I had already ordered for a very delicious food. I walked there, it was like three minutes walk from the hotel to her house.

She was about to enter her house when my voice alarmed her.

“Good evening miss.” I greeted standing beside the beautiful flower.

I had dressed my best and was looking very handsome. I was putting on my killer look.

“Sorry…but do I know you?” She asked with her car keys in her hands.

“I doubt that.” I said and didn’t say any more word.

I wasn’t moving.

Just like I expected, she walked to me.

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“Is there a way I can help you?” She asked politely.

“Well…I noticed your husband travelled and…If I’m right, he does all the cooking for you, won’t you mind collecting this?” I said like a gentle man and presented the packed food to her.

She took a glance at the food in my hand and didn’t collect it.

“I’m sorry but I’m not found of taking stuffs from strangers.” She said.

“Oh! fine…I’m really sorry if I’m being forward. I will now take my leave?” I said and turned.

Just like I expected again, I knew her curiosity will make her call me back.

“Excuse me?” She said and I turned.

“How did you know my husband travelled, are you his friend? you sounded like you know much about my marriage, how do you know he cooks for me?” She questioned.