February 4, 2023

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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 25

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 25

(Not because of you)
Coopers POV

‘What the f**k dude?!!’..I yelled as my touched my bleeding nose.Brody didn’t even another word as he just walked out of the class angrily..

Like WTF just happened?!!..

Did he just punch me on the nose because of that Payton girl??!!..

‘Come back here and talk to me Brody Anderson tell me what’s going on in that brick head of yours!!!’..i said aloud as i followed him down the hallway and when he didn’t give me a reply i held onto his shirt and that’s when he stopped dead on his track…

‘Take your hands off me Cooper’..he muttered and i let out a scoff…

He might be my best friend but that doesn’t mean I’d let him embarrass me in front of the whole class…

‘What are you going to do huh?? Brody I’m talking to you so face me like the bastard you are!!!’..I yelled and the next thing i knew he punched me again but this time on the stomach…

‘Son of a b*tch!!’..

Payton’s POV

‘Serani please leave me alone I’m not coming out’..i replied as Serani knocked on the toilet door..

‘Payton don’t be like this you’re not going to stay in there forever aren’t you??’..She said..

‘If i can then I will I’m not coming out’..i responded and the next thing i knew she screamed so loud that i had to come out…

‘What?!! What??’..I asked looking for what was wrong and then she showed me a fresh beautiful pink skirt and a sanitary pad…

‘Ohhh Serani!!’..i whimpered and hugged her with tears in my eyes.No one’s ever been nice to me like this before not even Santa on Christmas day…

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‘Okay cry baby now go change and…’..She tried to say but was interrupted by the noise coming from outside…

‘What’s happening??’..I asked as she peered outside the door..

‘There’s a fight going on and I think it’s between Brody and Cooper’..she said..


Brody’s POV

In Principal Terian’s office
‘This is the fourth fight you’ve been into this term Brody Anderson and you Cooper this is the seventh fight you’ve been into!! What the hell is wrong with you boys?!!’..Principal Terian yelled in a highly resounding voice..

‘He started it!’..Cooper whined..

‘Shut the hell up!!’..The principal voice roared and he kept shut immediately…

‘Now look boys,this school has a reputation and you’ve done enough by ruining it,now this is my final warning to the both of you!! Brody you’re not even supposed to be in fights!! Your father is respected in this school so how would he feel knowing that his son is a dumb ass fighter??’..He asked and I bowed my head in shame not knowing what else so say…

‘So one more fight boys with any of you involved and you’re going to be expelled’..He added and dismissed the both of us…

I totally ignored Cooper and walked towards my locker to get a fresh jacket for myself and that’s when i bumped into Payton..

‘What??’..i said to her harshly..

‘Why did you fight with Cooper??’..She asked instead and i frowned..

‘None of your business’..I murmured.

‘Why Brody??’..She repeated and i flinched..

‘Look why can’t you just leave me alone and go take care of your stain?!! Even if i fought with Cooper it would definitely not be because of you!!! It’s not because of you so stay away from me!!!’..