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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 28

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 28

(Living with two guys)
Payton’s POV cont’d

Like how can he be this heartless towards me?? How can he be so selfish and self centered??…

‘Fine then Brody but please let me in,i really need to speak to your mom!!’..i begged..

‘Fine then she’s inside’..he replied with a wicked gleam in his eyes and i pushed him away softly.I knocked on the large oak door and when Mrs Anderson yelled a come in I opened the door..

‘Payton what’s wrong??’..She asked as she rose from her seat seeing my pale face..

‘I…I..well I…my mother is unconscious please i need your help with some money!!’..i begged as I went down on my knees pleading..

‘Okay my car’s here let’s go’ .she replied grabbing her car keys.I let out a sigh of relief as we both walked out of the office and threw Brody a haughty glare.

Selfish bastard..

I can’t believe I almost liked him and I’m glad I’ve seen his true colors,he’s always so mean and callous towards me and now I can’t believe I’m going back to work as a maid…

‘Okay Payton show me the way to your house’..Mrs Anderson muttered as she started the engine of the car…

An Hour Later
‘So how is she doctor??’..i asked the doctor as he came out of the ER where my mom was taken to..

‘She’s fine really just that she’s stressed out and has not been eating well lately,has she been doing any hard work lately??’..He asked in reply.I racked my brain thinking and when I couldn’t come up with an answer I shook my head..

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‘Well you’re wrong cause she’s been doing some pretty heavy work judging from the skid marks on her shoulder’..he said scribbling some stuff on his pad…

‘O..okay but is she going to be okay??’..I asked..

‘Yeah she will as long as you get her these drugs’..he replied and handed me a little sheet of paper.I glanced down at it and literally freaked out seeing the money it was going to cost…

A hundred and fifty dollars???..

I don’t even have ten dollars talk less of a hundred and fifty..

‘Don’t worry I’ll take care of the bill’..Mrs Anderson said as she took the paper from my hands.Tears streamed down my cheeks and i whispered a thank you to her.She just smiled and patted me on the shoulder without saying a word…

‘Would you like to come back to work as a maid for me??’..She asked..

‘There’s no way I could possibly say no to that’..I replied..

Brody’s POV

At home..
‘So that’s the kitchen and the pool is at the back and if you go upstairs by your right you’d see your room’..I said to Trevor whose mouth went agape seeing the splendor of the house…

‘Wow this place is huge!!’..He exclaimed.

‘Hmmm’..I murmured and dropped my bag on the couch ready to play some video games before mom comes back..

‘Should that be there??’..He asked pointing at my school bag and I frowned…

‘It’s not your problem and it’s not my problem either so just go upstairs,take a shower and mind your business!!’..I barked at him and this time he frowned…

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‘Jeez you don’t really have to get so worked up dude i just made a statement,look I know you don’t like me but just for clarification I’m not beefing with you and I’m not taking anything or trying to take your place whatsoever okay??’..He said and walked upstairs…

Did he..

Did he just insinuate that he’s a threat to me??..

Payton’s POV

The Next morning

Mom was discharged and brought back home since she wasn’t in danger anymore.I packed my bags and left while she was asleep so she wouldn’t be worried or stop me from doing what I have to…

I’m just glad it’s a Saturday and there’s no school so I won’t be preoccupied with thinking.I entered the bus to Crescent avenue and got down dragging my bags to the Anderson Mansion…

‘Hey bobo’..I hollered at the security guard who seemed to like me and he waved.I smiled and pressed the doorbell…The next thing I knew the door opened only to reveal Trevor…

‘Trevor?? Why are you here??’..I asked half amazed and he smirked…

‘Well I live here now or should I say I’ll be staying here for the rest of the school year…What are you also doing here??’..He asked back…

‘Well I work here as a maid and I’m moving in permanently’..I replied.He took the bag from my hands and when our fingers brushed he grinned at me.There was a sparkle in his green eyes that seemed so nice to look at as we both walked into the house…

‘You’re late’..Brody murmured from the TV as he caught a glimpse of me..

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‘Well I…

‘Don’t say anything else your voice sickens me’..He interjected and I scoffed..

He still doesn’t care does he??…

How can he be so rude??..

‘Ignore him Payton let’s go upstairs’..Trevor came to my rescue as he grasped my left hands dragging me upstairs…

‘Did you just ask my maid to ignore me?! Payton come back down here!!’..Brody yelled dropping the remote on the table…

‘Payton let’s just go’..Trevor murmured..

‘No Payton come down here!’..Brody countered..

Who do I obey and what do i do??..

I guess this what i get for living with two guys who hate each other…

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