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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 31 and 32

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 31

(Keep your distance)
Payton’s POV

The warmth of his lips on mine and they way his hands made me feel was so enticing…

What is wrong with me??..

Why was I so carried away??..

He doesn’t like me and I guess he just wanted to we wanted to make me feel for him or something..

I stared at his masculine build not being able to sleep and noticed the little tattoo on the back of his neck which I’m sure no one knows about…

‘Go to sleep Payton’..he murmured in his sleep and I jolted…

‘You’re not asleep??’..I asked..

‘I want to’..he replied..

‘Ohhh sorry then go ahead’..I muttered under my breath and he turned around to face me with his eyes closed.I stiffened a little nervously but then relaxed when I noticed his heavy breathing which means he was sleeping…

Even though i want to I just forget it I just can’t help the fact that he tasted so good and the thought of him kissing me again…

What are you doing to me Brody Anderson??..

‘Mmmmh’..he murmured in his sleep and the next thing i knew his hands landed on my waist grabbing me closer.My mouth was almost on his bare chest and i tried moving away but his grasp was strong…

‘Bro..Brody’..I stuttered..

‘Just stay that way let’s just stay this way just for tonight’..he whispered with his eyes closed.I moved closer and embraced the sheer warmth his body gave to me…

‘Goodnight Brody Anderson’..i whispered and closed my eyes feeling safe in his arms…

Brody’s POV

The Next Morning
I opened my eyes and glanced down only to see my hands wrapped around Payton’s waist and her mouth close to my neckline.I slowly slipped away and went to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror..

Like what the hell is wrong with me??..

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Why did I even kiss her last night??

I don’t even like her..

‘You are a big dufus Brody Anderson’..i muttered to myself and washed my face with fresh water.I slammed the bathroom door and that’s when Payton woke up..

‘I..i..Ohh Good morning’..She stuttered when she saw a towel wound around my waist…

‘Leave my room’..i replied harshly..

‘Y..yeah I’m going already’..She said nervously and strode away as quick as possible…

Payton’s POV

Immediately I closed Brody’s door i ran into Trevor who had a skeptical look on his face..

‘Hmm so i see you were in his room??’..he muttered folding his arms..

‘Y..yeah..the lights went out last night and I couldn’t see a thing so i had to stay in his room’..I replied scratching my head nervously…

‘Okay?? So the both of you slept on the same bed?’..He asked further…

‘No..hell no he slept on the bed while i slept on the couch’..i lied and he shrugged..

‘Okay well I’m hungry so let’s go make breakfast but take your bath first’..he said and turned to leave.I heaved a huge sigh as he finally went into his room and went into mine to have my bath.An image of what happened last night flashed through my mind and a stupid smile flashed across my face…

Who knows this may be the start of a new era between Brody and I…

Ten Minutes Later
I was done with everything that had to do making me clean and put on a bright dress and went downstairs.Brody and Trevor were surprisingly playing video games when i got to the living room.I met Brody’s eyes and instead of seeing something warm all I saw was a dark empty void…

‘Hey can I talk to you in the kitchen?’..He asked and i nodded following him to the kitchen..

‘Okay so what do you want t…

‘Keep your distance from me Payton,in other words leave alone,what happened between us last night was a mistake and if you have the notion that i like you then you better bury it,keep your distance and I’ll keep mine understood??’..He cut in..

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’Understood’..i replied in a gulp trying hard to fight back the tears in my eyes..




????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 32

(Keep your distance II)
Trevor’s POV

I watched bleakly as Brody and Payton ate in silence not saying a word and gulping hard and that’s when I knew that something was amiss.I heard a quiet sob from Payton andU immediately Brody grabbed his plate and left the dinning table for his room…

‘Okay what’s going on??’..i asked turning over to Payton and she flinched..

‘W..what??’..She asked back and I frowned..

‘I’m not stupid Payton what’s going on??’..I retorted and she gulped hard..

‘It’s nothing’..


‘I’ll be in my room!!’..She yelled and stomped away before i could say anything else..

What the f*ck is going on?!!..

Brody’s POV

Ugh why is today Sunday??..

I hate Sundays…

It’s always so boring and i would have gone to Cooper’s but his family is always out on Sunday.I groaned loudly and put on my swimming trunk to go take a cool swim outside…

‘Trevor stop!!!’..I heard Payton squeal in delight from Trevor’s room..

‘Hey you’re the one cheating,you literally suck in video games’..He replied..

‘No i don’t you’re the one cheating I’ve beaten you thrice now!’..she said..

‘Ohh you wish!!’..He teased and the both of them began laughing all over again…

Bunch of losers…

I grunted and went to the pool to have a quick dive..

Maybe the cold water would take my thoughts from the sweet kiss I shared with Payton last night.Her lips was so sweet and her skin was so soft when I touched it.To even think i was about to have s*x with her last night…

Get a grip of yourself Brody she’s not your type..

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Payton’s POV

A smile flashed across my face as Trevor played ‘Savage love’ by Jason Derulo with his guitar and when he began singing i bursted into an hysterical laugh..

‘You’ve got an horrible voice so please stop!!’..I said aloud..

‘Okay that’s it leave my room!!’..he yelled and playfully dragged me outside the room.He locked the door and i chuckled and went into my room.I stared outside and that’s when i noticed Brody swimming in the pool.I rested by the window admiring the way he stroked so gracefully in the water.He turned facing up and kept swimming.

How can only one person have the body of a model and the face of a demi-god?!..

How can Brody Anderson be so handsome??..

Ohh snap out of it Payton he’s clearly told you to keep your distance..

He’s a rude bastard who doesn’t give a hoot about your feelings…

‘Payton come out!!’..Trevor called knocking on my door..

‘What’s the problem!?’..i asked as i opened the door for him..

‘Let’s go swimming’..he suggested walking into my room..

‘No i don’t think so,I’m not allowed in the pool’..i replied lying..

‘Huh?? Why? Because of Brody??’..He inquired throwing me a critical look..

‘Y..yeah kinda i don’t want any trouble from him since he says i should keep my distance’..i replied looking down at my slippers..

‘He likes you for heavens sake Payton!! He f**kingly likes you!!!’..he yelled..

‘He doesn’t like me Trevor and if he really did he would have kissed me more than he did last night!!! He doesn’t like me!! And he told me to keep my distance so that’s what I’m going to do!!!’..i fired back with tears welling up in my eyes..

‘He kissed you and told you to keep your distance?! Is he a jerk or what?! Payton you’re clearly hurting yourself!!’..

‘Just go Trevor i want to sleep’..


‘Trevor please leave!!’..

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