November 29, 2023

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His Signature. Episode 32

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…….. Episode 32……

By:Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov ????
I forgot I didn’t have the keys to my house so I decided to drive to Chelsea’s apartment. Its a decision I hate to make but what to do?
I don’t feel like seeing Alex right now, it’s like torture.

The driver stopped and I got off the car before he could come open the door for me.

“Please, don’t tell Alex where I am. “I said.

The driver nodded and I just hope he keep this between us.
Letting Chelsea find out that Alex Owens is my boyfriend is the worst thing that could occur right now.

I pressed the door bell and almost immediately, the door opened.

“Rachel? “She muttered looking dumbfounded.

“Hi. “I said with a shy smile as I walked into her apartment.

She shut the door.
I headed for the sofa and quickly sat on it.

“Oh my gee. Look at your dress, where did you get it? How much?! I never knew you could afford this. It looks expensive. “She said with her mouth running sharp like lightening.

“Did you go on a date? Why are you Here anyway? “She asked slumping on the next couch.

I sighed.
How does she expect me to answer all these questions at a time.

“Can you please hand me a pj? “I asked her.

“Okay, just go to my room and help yourself out. Third door on your right. “She said.

I smiled wryly as I stood to my feet heading out.

“Um. One more thing, please don’t use the red soap, it’s a prescription. The white one will do. “She said.

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I nodded.
After a while, I returned to the living room wearing Chelsea’s light pink pajamas. I sat with her on a sofa watching the movie displaying on the TV.

“Are you hungry? “She asked.

I shook my head.
“Am okay. “I replied.

We heard the door bell ring. Chelsea and I stared at the door at the sane time. She looked back at me.

“Are you expecting someone? “I asked taking the TV remote.

“I’ll go see. “She said standing.
She ran to the door while I toyed with the remote confused with the channel to switch to.

“Rachel! “I heard from the door.

I stood up and went to join her at the door.

My heart skipped when my gaze landed on Alex. What’s he doing here?
How did he find me?
Oh, the driver!

“Chelsea, can you please give us sone privacy? “I asked her sounding pathetically.

She nodded not without giving me an ‘I’ll kill you face’.

She went back into the house.

“Hi. “I said to Alex.

“What are you doing here? Why didn’t you come back home? “He asked.

I bit my lower lip looking at him saddened and perplexed.

“How did the dinner go? What did mom tell you? “He asked with his eyes focused on mine.

“She doesn’t like me Alex. I don’t know what to do… “I blurted and a sniff followed.

“My mom is not the one dating you babe so why are you making it look like she has the right to destroy and create. If you love me like you say, you’ll follow me back to my mansion and we’ll talk there. “He said looking at me intently.

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“Okay, fine. “I muffled.

He smiled.

I went back into the apartment to tell Chelsea i was leaving.

“Thanks for the 40 minutes shelter. “I said.

She scoffed.
“You’re welcome bestie. But am lost here, why is Alex Owens here? Are you guys a thing? “She asked with her wide open.

“We are. “I said happy and feeling a bit accomplished.

“How sweet, lucky you honey. “She said.
“How about your million dollar worth dress? ”

“Oh, you can keep it. “I replied.

“Oh my God, thank you! Anyway, it’s nothing to you since your dating a trillionare. “She said.

I chuckled.

“My love is waiting, bye Chelsea. “I said waving at her.

I left the apartment and met up with Alex in his car.
He was operating his phone.
I pecked him on his cheek.

“I want you to update your relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ tonight. “He said.

I chuckled.
“Jealous much? “I asked amused.

“Am just avoiding a ‘second June’” he said whispering the last part.

He just called me a second June…?
I felt angry, burdened and sad.
Why would he call me that?