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His Signature. Episode 25

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……….. Episode 25……

By: Faith LJ Lucky
????Rachel’s pov ????
Alex covered my eyes with his hands as I walked blindly to wherever he was taken me.

I can’t stop thinking about the suprise, what does he have in mind?

He suddenly stopped walking and slowly removed his hands from my eyes.

I gasped.
Oh my!
I was standing before a huge portrait with my image on it.
The picture was shades with a black pencil. The work was simply marvelous but I could remember vividly that this picture was taken by my friend.

I wonder when Alex took the picture, must be when we made out for the first time… Huh, This guy.

I couldn’t control the shock I got. I used my palms to cover my Mouth.

“The woman in this portrait, is the love of my life Rachel. “He said.

I glanced at him short of words.
“I love you . “He said.

My heart melted. I felt like giving him a big kiss but that would be inappropriate.

“I love you too Alex. “I said with a big smile.

“So, where do you want it? The east of the living room or the south? “He asked.

I turned around looking at the whole room.

“There! “I said pointing at the extreme of the fire place; above it.

Alex grinned.

“Your wish is my command then. “He said.

Two guards walked in afterwards and got it fixed at the wall.
I returned to my room to see all my clothes arranged and the room spotless.

I liked my new room.

Like I had felt when I came for the course of the signature, The mansion was quiet.

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That boring aura was stepping.
I was bored and needed something to keep myself busy.

I walked down the stairs going to anywhere I could think of.

I haven’t explored this mansion much already.

I walked down the hallway checking the rooms. It was tiring cause they were all empty.

I approached the last one and pulled the door knob.

I looked into it.

I couldn’t believe what I saw!
Those muscular and great physique guys at the beach. They were all tied up with ropes and blindfolded . all of them.

I looked at them stunned and wondered how they got here.

“What are you doing here? “I heard from behind.
I turned getting my eyes on the guard beside me.

“Nothing. “I stuttered going backwards.

“Mr Alex won’t like this. Get out if this premises. “He snapped.

I looked back at those guys before rushing out taking to the stairs.
I walked into Alex’s room. He was backing me but I could see what he was holding through the mirror. He was stroking a belt.
Is he planning on hitting them with a belt.

Oh my!
I thought he forgave them.
I thought he let go.

“Alex.. What are you up to? “I asked coming into the room fully.
He turned to face me.

“Uh.. I’ve got something to take care of. “He replied.

He took his belt leaving the room. I walked after him but I was hiding so he doesn’t notice.

He went into the room those guys were kept. I rushed to the door watching him.

The guards had separated them.

He raised his belt to flog one. I ran in.

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“Alex! Stop! “I yelled.

He paused and looked at me.
I knew if he succeeded in hitting them they’d die.

“Rachel, go away. “He said.

“No Alex, let me flog them myself. Am the victim here. “I said.

“Let’s share them. You flog this three, I’ll flog this two. “He said.

I smiled broadly as I took the belt.

I hit one of them on his head.

“How dare you insult my boyfriend?! “I yelled.

I released another stroke and he shrieked.

“Flog him harder or I’ll do it myself. “Alex warned.

I hit them Like how I hit my pillows when am angry.

This is fun.

I was done hitting the three and Alex took over.

He flogged the two like they were kids.
They couldn’t stop groaning.

I had to intervene so he would let them go.