November 25, 2022

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My V Bride. Chapter 8

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 8

Fred’s POV

Even as Sonia drove us home from church, I was very angry. Angry at myself for being so unlucky to marry Sonia.

For being so foolish to fall in love with Sonia. Does she even know how painful it could be to want to make love with my own wife and not being able to.

Why then do I even marry? How in the world can I make babies in this relationship? When and how do I have my own children.

And that pastor! My days! Why would we be going to that church in the first place? I never knew he’s birds of the same feather with Sonia.

And see Sonia smiling during the sermon, why won’t she smile. Of course, she must smile seeing that the pastor preaches exactly what she wants to ear.

We arrived home and we both alighted from the car.

“Baby, how was service today?” Sonia asked smiling as we walk inside.

I didn’t reply. We got to our rooms and while I was changing wears, she spoke up again.

“Baby! Why aren’t you talking? You didn’t even reply my questions.”

I turned to her. “Why should I reply…no! Tell me why I should reply?” I was almost crying.

“Aww…don’t cry baby. Is it the new singlet you complaints about in the morning, I will buy it for you don’t worry. Trust me.” She said and I swallowed.

“Who is talking about singlet here? I’m not going to that church again.” I said.

“But why?” She asked in awe.

“Who in the world preaches that kind of sermon, I thought it’s in the Bible that husband and wives are permitted to make love, why is the pastor teaching something else ?” I asked.

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“Common baby! How was I suppose to know? He only preaches what he was inspired to preach.” She said.

“Indeed!” I mumbled and continued changing my cloth.

“You really want to make love with me!” She mumbled underneath her breath.

I went to sit beside her. “It’s the only thing I want, we don’t even act like couples in our own house.” I said.

I rapped my hand across her shoulder and tried to kiss her cheek but she flinched.

“What are you trying to do?” She asked fearfully.

My days! What is the big deal in pecking again?

“I just want to peck you! ” I said.

“Peck? I thought you wanted to kiss me.” She said and came back to sit beside me.

“So I can not even kiss you…hmn! Anyways, let me manage the peck.” I said as I took my lips to her cheek but to my fright , she jerked again

“What is it this time? ” I asked.

“I need to ask my brother if pecking is allowed in our family.” She said and went to her phone.

I just kept staring at her in awe.

“Hello, brother Ethan, please I want to ask, Is Pecking allowed in our family?” She said to the phone.

“Haaa…don’t try it.” I could here her brother say loud and clear.

I’m dead…I’ve married into a weird family.


Don’t tell me you don’t know brother Ethan? ????