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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 32

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 32

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I flung my bag on the bed angrily. My blood was boiling ,my heart was also beating fast at the same time .

Why did dad came back ?

My mind wasn’t at rest when i saw him at Nicolas’s Office .what the heck was he doing there ?


My dad’s return will be up to no good . I know what my dad is capable of doing .The way i saw him this morning ;It looks like he was there for a job .

But why would he applied for a job at kayden’s company ? Why ?

I ruffled my hair in annoyance and sat down on the bed . I placed my chin on my head ,i remembered how dad left us .

He left us with a letter ,he abandoned us with our mom . His dismissal made my mom to die .


“Wesley, please don’t leave me ” i watched my mom as she held my dad’s leg .

“I’m done here Carlina. You’re getting bored for me , i can’t hold on to this relationship again .” He said as he pushed my mom’s hand from his leg .

“Mummy..” amber whimpered beside me ,i used my hand to bought her head closer to my chest to prevent her from seeing the a awful scene .

“But wesley ,what about our children ,your children?” Mom cried as she tried to held my dad down .

“They aren’t my child Carlina ,they are yours !” he yelled at her .

“Wesley! Don’t tell me that you’re leaving me because of that rich bitch huh?” My mom scorned at him .

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“Wow!i never thought you’ll find out so soon . yes ! i’m leaving you because if her .” He scoffed at her

“No!You’re not doing this to me . How will you leave your family because of a rich woman . Why will you do this to me .why ! ” She yelled at him .

” I’m leaving you for good ! Did you expect me to die with your children huh! I can’t continue leading with you. Your money is gone ,how will you expect me to survive .” He smirked at my mom who fell on the floor .

The tears started to poured down heavily from her eyes .

“Save your tears . Bye !” I watched my dad as he left the house .

“I hate you wesley ! To hell with you!!” My mom screamed harder .

I could felt the pain that my mom felt that day . The pain pushed her into sickness even with how my mom pretended to be strong .

she died 6 six after my dad left her . What my dad did left hatred in the heart of Amber and i .

We both vowed that we won’t forgive my dad ,not even in our next life . He deserves to die , he is a monster . My dad’s greediness for money made him to left my mom .


i need to tell amber about what i saw ,i need to update her so that she can be careful .

I looked around and my eyes caught a telecom. Wow! I never knew that i had this in my room . I went closer to it and i quickly dialed her number .

Luckily for me ,she picked it up at second beeP .

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“Amber …” i called with worry .

“Riele!are you alright ?” She asked me due to my voice .

“I’m not alright amber ,i saw dad at kayden’s Company ” i told her .

“What !” she shrieked . ” What the hell ! What was he doing there ?” she asked me with anger sounding in her voice .

“I dunno ! But with his tattered dressing ….”

“Tattered ?” She shrieked in shock on the phone

“Yes ! I was also shocked when i saw him . I think he went there for a job ”

“A job ?”

“Amber ,i don’t even know what to think of , i just want to inform you and i want you to be careful because i don’t trust dad’s return ” i said to her .

“Ok riele . Bye ,take care if yourself . ” she ended the call .


Dylan’s Pov

I watched Nolan’s car as it drove out of my compound . I don’t know why but i felt happy with the outing .

i remembered the fun we had today , the beach restaurant was cool . Like ,it was really amazing .

I don’t know that he had that surprise for me . He really made my day today . Everything that happened today continued to replayed in my head .

He made me felt the happiness I’ve never felt in my entire life . But the funniest thing was that he didn’t tell me anything at the party .

What he just told me was that he felt like lighten up my mood, since I’ve not being myself after the heart break kayden made me to go through .

So sweet !

But why am i feeling like the love i had for kayden is wavering away . I started feeling guilty , i don’t know why i was feeling this way but i think something isn’t right .

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