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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 40

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 40

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov
I can’t believe what i heard from him . A night with him ? Am i hallucinating right now ?

“Riele…”He held my hand tenderly and i felt some sensation in my soul .

“Will you like to spend a night with me ?” He asked me again and it got me thinking of the answer to give him .

“Kayden…” i stuttered not knowing what to say .

“I understand what you’re thinking but don’t worry , it just a night and nothing is gonna between us . I just don’t want to be lonely . I might get sick of thinking . ” He explained and i felt cringed .

Am i gonna turn the person that saved me from Mateo’s threat down ?

But what if….

No ! He assured me that nothing is gonna happen between us so i can do it .

“Uhm …Ok ” i replied him and he beamed .

I could see the happiness in his eyes , if not that he was a reserved person , he would squealed with the way he was beaming .

“Let’s go ” He said and he held my hand .

“But ..i need to change my clothes and I need to shower ” I said to him as i stopped walking .

“Really ? You can do that in my room ”


“Your room ?” i repeated the word to be sure i heard him correctly .

“Yes ,my room . Don’t worry , i’ll give you one of my shirts . ” He said it and i furrowed my brow .

Like seriously ?

I glared down at my body to see how lengthy the shirt will be for me . With my imagination , the shirt won’t even cover my Big butts .

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“Oh…Your body ?” He said and i raised up my head to glare at him .

“You don’t have to worry about that , my shirts are very long and am sure your….” he glared down at my body and he made me felt bashful .

I get the message he was tryin’ to pass .

“it’s ok ,let’s go . ” i finally said to him and he held my hand again .

We both walked into his room . His big and magnificent room !.

He dropped down the curtain , even with his assurance , i was still feeling kinda scared . Spending a night with him when am not drunk .


Tonight is sure gonna be a long and tension night .

I glued myself to the spot he left me and i gawked around the room . I’ve never felt shy like this . Even with Mateo, well we have never spend a night together .

I watched him as he opened his wardrobe, after a minute he threw a shirt on the table .

I guess am gonna put that on tonight .

He closed the wardrobe and he took the shirt from the bed . He started walking towards me , i swear my heart was beating fast that it felt like it’s gonna leave its spot .

“Here..” he handed me the shirt .

“You can manage this for tonight”

“Uhm..thanks .” i muttered and i collected it from him .

I smiled and he walked to the other side of the bed . I clenched the shirt to my chest , even from the shirt , i could still perceive his lovely aura .

“Will you like to go in first or …” He was still talking when i saw his hands working on his shirt button .

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What the …

He was already unbuttoning his shirt . Oh my gee !

I didn’t even wait for him to finish his statement when i scurried off to the bathroom not realizing that i’ve dropped the shirt on the floor .

I locked the door immediately i entered the bathroom , i rested my back on the door and i breathed out a sigh of relief .

phew !

That was damn close ! But why am i acting like am just seeing him topless . I don’t even know what’s wrong with him .

I inhaled in and i walked in fully . The bathroom was just like the size of my room . It was all tiles, it was beautiful .

Even in my nervous state, i still had time to admire his bathroom . No wonder he always appear breathe taking .

I went to the mirror and i saw bottle ; treatment soap! Shampoo, conditioner , moisturizing cream and soap …

i can’t even mention , his own treatment was even more than the treatment i had in my bathroom .

How can a guy have a cute personality like his ? Now i see that he really worth his cute look .

I quickly snapped outta of my admiration world before i spend 5 hours in his bathroom .

i smiled and i walked into the shower, he had a jacuzzi bathtub but i don’t want to use an hour here.

I removed my clothes and i hung it on the clothes hanger , i was stark n**ked already, i turned on the shower .


Cold water !

The way i rushed away from the shower made me to fall my clothes and It became really wet . Jeez!

What was i thinking that i didn’t noticed it was the cold water switch . I groaned and picked up the wet clothes and i hung it back . I went back to the water switch and i made sure that i turned on the warm water .

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Immediately, the water came rushing down.Wow,so cool !.