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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 39 and 40

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 39

(The new Payton)
Payton’s POV

I got home feeling very happy about the makeover Serani and Trevor were going to give to me in an hour.Luckily her mother owns a store and would give me a discount.Even though getting new clothes is the last thing on my mind right now I can’t just bear it anymore especially when this camping trip would give me a chance to bond with the rest of the students…

‘Payton?!’..Someone called from behind and when i turned around it was Mrs Anderson…

‘Ohhh Mrs Anderson!!’..I screamed and hugged her real tight..

‘Ohhh Payton you’re going to make me choke’..she said in a shrill voice and i released her from my embrace..

‘Sorry I..I’m just so glad to see you’..i murmured and she smiled..

‘Yeah luckily i finished early and I’m here.Also your principal called and told me about the camping trip so i got you this’..She replied and i looked down only to see a beautiful pink roller case..

‘Oh my God thank you Mrs Anderson!!!’..I cried out with my hands on my mouth and also tears welling up in my eyes..

Like this is that nicest thing anyone has ever done for me…

‘Ohhh don’t be so emotional Payton,you’re a strong girl..i know you are so you just have to take this bag and pack your clothes,shoes and everything you need,this is a LAG 6.7 model,it’s portable and packs a lot of good stuffs’…She explained and i nodded hugging her again for the second time.I took the bag upstairs avoiding Brody who was on the phone with a girl…

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‘Hey Payton go dress up we’re going to Serani’s in an hour!!’..Trevor yelled and i heaved a short sigh..

It’s time for a new Payton….

Brody’s POV

The Next Morning
‘Everyone into the car now!!!’..Mr Rudolf hollered and i groaned loudly dropping my bag inside the bus’s boot..

‘You gotta chill man,camping isn’t that bad??’..Cooper muttered from behind me as he patted my shoulders..

‘Hmmm easy for you to say’..i grumbled and winked at some of the girls as I entered the bus.There was alot of ruckus from outside but I ignored it all and just plunked down on my seat..

‘OMG she looks great!!!’…I heard someone say aloud and just that moment Payton walked into the bus..

Not the Payton i know but a whole new Payton…

Her hair wasn’t black anymore but a rather faint blonde and she was wearing boots with a very beautiful gown..

Oh my Gosh who the hell am I seeing??..

‘I don’t know about you dude but I’m so getting that chick’s number’..Cooper said and i frowned..

‘You idiot that’s Payton!!!’..


????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 40

(Camping Pt 1)

Brody’s POV

My temper became so bad as i watched Payton talk to the other guys and acting like I don’t exist even when we were made to sit next to each other.She just kept her eyes away from me and kept switching positions continuously just to talk with guys from the football club.Even Cooper was mesmerized by her…

I won’t deny it one bit.She certainly blew me away with her new appearance same as other guys so there isn’t anything special…

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‘Hey Brody can i sit here with you??’..Marilyn,a cheerleader asked and I smirked..

‘This is toilet shredders seat Marilyn sorry’…

‘Well you don’t have to worry about that i guess she’s now popular cause she’s sitting next to Chase Dumpkin,the captain of the football club’..She replied and my face broadened into a smile…

Well Political money thinks she’s got the guys but i still got the ladies…

‘Hey wanna sing??’..Cooper asked from behind me and I smirked…

‘Well at least it’ll make me hate this Camping trip less so are you ready??’..i asked..

‘Yeah I do and a 1..2..1..2..3 go!!’..

Payton’s POV

???? Oh here we go,
Please let me know..
Off we go,
Please leave me in the cold..

????If I take you everywhere then well you wouldn’t know how to walk..
If i spoke on your behalf then well you wouldn’t know how to talk..
If i gave you everything then everything is what i bought..
I can take it all back never cared about your thought…

Brody and Cooper began singing and the next thing I knew everyone at the left side of the bus joined in the singing…

‘That Brody thinks he’s so popular with his great voice’..Chase muttered and i faked a laugh.Brody and Cooper started to make beats with their chairs.I hid a giggle and just watched them having fun even with Serani involved..

I mean I love this new Payton but I’m not sure i enjoy the attention that much..

‘Sorry Chase but I’m going back to my seat’..I murmured standing up and he held me back…

‘Hey why?? I thought we were bonding??’..He asked. .

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‘Yeah I thought so too but don’t worry I’ll be back’..I replied and went back to my seat with Brody…

‘Please excuse me Marilyn that’s my seat’..i muttered and Brody frowned deeply…

‘Sorry Mrs Popular you can’t sit here,you’re with handsome Chase remember?!!’..He lashed out at me..

‘Hey I’m not the cause of your problem so don’t talk to me in that manner!!’..i lashed back and he scoffed loudly..

‘Please leave you’ve changed your seat four times already so please go back to chase and let me stay with a seatmate that doesn’t disgust me’..he said and I sighed.I went back to seat with Chase who in return smiled at me and i hid the dissatisfied look on my face…

What am i even trying to do??..

Am i trying to make him jealous or what??..

What am i trying to do cause i don’t get it??..

I’m trying so hard to be the new deal so why do i want him to notice me so bad…

An Hour Later
‘We’re here!!!’..Principal Terian said aloud as the bus got to a stop..

‘Okay guys we’re in Mari Falls and here are the rules!! No phones,no sneaking around and most importantly no fighting!!’..He added and some of the students grumbled knowing for a fact that there wasn’t going to be phones.Mr Rudolf made sure each and everyone dropped their phones inside the bag with their name tags on it…

‘This camping trip is gonna be a blast’..Serani commented and I nodded..

It’s certainly going to be a blast..

I just hope it doesn’t make things worse for me..